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Posted: March 27, 2012

Well who can believe it?! Only two shows remain in this third season of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE.  It’s true what they say – time does indeed fly when you’re having fun.

Republic of Doyle - Season 3 stills - CBC & Take the Shot ProductionsAnd for as fast as the season has flown by so does that one hour every Wednesday. The time spent with the Doyle family and friends seems to race by. It has been a season with great laughs, trying times, lovely moments and I dare say – developing mystery. I keep remembering what Allan Hawco said about the season finale in our last interview (watch) and as much as I have enjoyed the shows – I find I'm leaning ever closer to the edge of my seat – bracing myself for what's to come.

Yes – there’s no denying it – I am invested in Jake and his crew and my guess is so are you. After last year’s season ending door slam – I had so hoped Jake and Leslie would find their way back – we know after episode #309 “Mirror Mirror” they both still love each other but there are no guarantees in matters of the heart.

One thing that is for certain…as the REPUBLIC OF DOYLE season winds down, the theatre season for actress Krystin Pellerin is only getting busier.  In rehearsals now for her second production of the season with Soulpepper – what follows is latest Pellerin Post in which she reports on all the fun…read on…

"You Can't Take It With You"

Dated: March 27, 2012

krystin pellerinWe’ll be starting our third week of rehearsals of You Can’t Take It With You at Soulpepper tomorrow. It is the polar opposite of Long Day’s Journey into Night.

The show is heartwarming and light, and it feels so perfect to be opening this play in the springtime. It’s the story of the Sycamore Family, an eccentric all-accepting household where everyone is encouraged to be and do whatever makes them happy. It’s a great story about family, love, acceptance and being true to yourself. It’s a Pulitzer Prize winning play to boot and it’s not often a comedy gets that kind of recognition. The show has snakes, kittens and fireworks in it too. It’s pretty much got everything you can think of..

Eric Peterson (Corner Gas) is the head of the house and I get to be his granddaughter for the next few months. It’s a true ensemble piece with a family made up of about 15 actors.  Everybody knows each other really well and we’re having a blast in the rehearsal hall. We are a real life theatre family pretending to be the Sycamore family. It’s such a treat. Looking forward to more news as we get closer to opening xo kp


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