Shannon Tweed: Attack of the Groupies!

Posted: March 28, 2012

After years and years of dealing with those “relentless” groupies throwing themselves at her boyfriend, now husband KISS rocker Gene SimmonsNL born actress, model and reality star Shannon Tweed Simmons can finally give those girls what they’ve had comin’….well, virtually anyway.

Shannon Tweed's Attack of the Groupies“It’s relieving my frustration – ‘cause you really can’t attack the groupies in real life” Shannon told Showbiz Tonight - when she was on the program to promote her brand new game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

The PG-rated game Shannon Tweed: Attack of the Groupies! features the heroine and her daughter Sophie Tweed Simmons – decked out in super hero gear and ready to do battle with weapons like the ‘skunkenator’ and hair ‘frizzer’.

Yes, it’s fun and funny - and for fans of the Tweed Simmons clan – a must have! To get the game for your iPad click here

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You can follow Shannon on twitter at @shannonleetweed

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