MARK O’BRIEN Chat & Cheers 2012

Posted: March 13, 2012

Not a Wednesday goes by that I don’t tweet #DESrocks at least 10 times…but for as much as I enjoy that crazy misfit assistant PI Des Courtney on REPUBLIC OF DOYLE – I adore the fella that plays him.

Jake & Des - Allan Hawco and Mark O'Brien REPUBLIC OF DOYLEMark O’Brien is indeed the bees knees.  I’ve known that to be true since our first meeting back in October of 2010.  Back then, Mark and I met on a day off from shooting Season 2 in St.John’s, NL. We had a beer and a great chat and, as you might imagine – we laughed a LOT!

Thanks to keeping up on Twitter, not to mention watching his hit show and covering his other projects – it felt like no time had passed when we caught up to one another again a couple months ago.

On January 5, 2012 – just six days before R of D was to premiere for its third season - I met up with the NL native at The Duke – again we tipped a pint, had a great chat (about a million things) and we laughed more than ever before.

Mark O'Brien & Mark Critch calling the Habs game Dec. 17,2011

Mark O'Brien with Mark Critch calling the Montreal Canadiens game Dec. 17,2011

We talked about Des and his expanding work on the web, about Mark’s movie work both behind the camera and in front of it and we even talk about his great friendship with Mark Critch…once and for all addressing the ‘Dad’ issue that surfaced on Twitter last fall 🙂 and so much more.  It was truly a treat!

My great thanks to Mr. O’Brien for making the time over his Christmas break to meet. Cheers to YOU!!! SABS

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SABS Something EXTRA-Special

Mark O’Brien with fiancée Actress Georgina Reilly at the 2012 Genie Awards Now that's a couple!!!

That of course is Mark O’Brien with fabulous fiancée actress Georgina Reilly (Murdoch Mysteries) at the 2012 Genie Awards.

If you'd like to hear their LOVE STORY just click on the picture to get to that post.

Oh and I’ll also have a feature interview with Ms. Reilly - click here to view that too.

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