The Pellerin Post 2012 with KRYSTIN PELLERIN

Posted: February 10, 2012

Krystin Pellerin is busy!

Krystin Pellerin as Leslie Bennett - courtesy CBC and Take the Shot ProductionsNot in front of the cameras on the streets of St.John’s, but rather on the stage in Toronto, getting set to perform in front of a live theatre audience.

The Gemini nominated Mount Pearl, NL actress has left her home province and once again taken up residence in her other home in the Soulpepper Theatre Company.  And once again, she has so graciously agreed to share that experience with us in a SABS ExclusiveThe Pellerin Post.

That means in addition to loving her every week as Sargent Leslie Bennett on REPUBLIC OF DOYLE we’ll find out why she’s loving her time in two fabulous Pulitzer Prize winning plays.

Long Day's Journey Into Night & You Can't Take It With YouThe first… the very dramatic Eugene O’Neill classic A Long Day’s Journey Into Night which opens February 14th and the second opening April 19th - the comedic and quirky You Can’t Take It With You.

We’ll be asking Krystin some in depth questions regarding both of these very different productions over the course of their run, but for this 1st installment of The Pellerin Post 2012 we asked her this question… With Season 2 of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE being such a smash and your three productions with Soulpepper last year being so very well received - how do you feel going into this next chapter? The following is her answer...


The Pellerin Post 2012: Good to be back

Dated: Sunday, February 5, 2012

Krystin PellerinIt feels so good to be back in the theatre again. We are about a month into rehearsals for Long Day’s Journey Into Night by Eugene O’Neill and tomorrow is our first day on deck with lights and sound. It’s incredibly grounding to be in the rehearsal hall working on a play like this.

I play Cathleen, the Irish servant girl in the Tyrone household. I’m having a fabulous time playing her. She’s such a funny character. She’s not the brightest. She’s clumsy and blunt. She’s a ‘what you see is what you get’ kind of girl. I get to learn an Irish dialect too which I’ve never done before. I love accents. They’re challenging and I find they can really allow you to transform into another person.

Cathleen has one scene really. It’s a scene where Mary Tyrone confides in Cathleen in a moment of deep loneliness. It’s a great scene and it’s a joy to be acting opposite Nancy Palk. I’ve been really appreciative of rehearsals and I have a lot of time to watch the play deepen and grow from the wings as we move through the process. I get to watch these great actors grappling with this beast of a story. I feel lucky to be in the room every day. Looking forward to sharing more as we move along 🙂  kp


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