SHANNON TWEED Q&A On Real Life & the Republic

Posted: January 16, 2012

If you thought the Season 3 premiere of Republic of Doyle was hot…brace yourself for this Wednesday’s episode #302 guest starring the always awesome Shannon Tweed NL.

It’s been about 5 months since Shannon returned to her homeland to act alongside series star Allan Hawco.

Shannon Tweed & Allan Hawco on set of Republic of DoyleWe had a great chat then about the experience of being on the show and Shannon's memories of Newfoundland & Labrador - we even talked about what was happening in Ms. Tweed’s life at the time as it was being 'played out' on her hit series Gene Simmons Family Jewels. (interview)

BUT you'd need only have opened a magazine, turned on a TV or logged onto Twitter to know that those have been 5 beyond-action-packed months for the lady.

Now with just days until her appearance in R of D we caught up to the actress and reality TV star to talk about the big return to NL and her BIG day.

What follows is our Q&A as they say with Shannon Tweed.

SABS: First off - I gotta say - you looked like a million dollars and then some on the big day.  And to think...when last we talked - we weren't sure there would even be a wedding.

Shannon Tweed & Gene Simmons Wedding photo credit Christopher Polk- Getty

Looking back on it all - was it everything you'd hoped and dreamed... and planned for?

Shannon Tweed: It was EVERYTHING and more. Smooth as glass. Perfect in every way

GSFJ-Shannons-ringSABS: Any advice you'd give to any brides-to-be out there?

Shannon Tweed: Get a wedding planner!! Worth every penny.

And don't invite anyone you don't really like.

SABS: We're just days away from your episode of Republic of Doyle "Head over Wheels" - have you seen the finished episode yet?

Shannon Tweed: I haven't seen it nor would I! I hate how I look (a common ailment, I know, blah blah blah)

shannon tweed on RofDSABS: I know you've been on so many productions over the course of your career - what was the best part of working with the R of D cast and crew for you?

Shannon Tweed: It was typical of Hollywood productions except for the Newf factor, which to me is perfection and should be preserved.

SABS: I'd ask if you'd reprise your role - but I don't know what happens to ya and I wouldn't imagine you're allowed to say...but if you could what would you say if they asked you to reprise your role? 😉

Shannon Tweed: Of course!!

SABS:  I follow you on Twitter and realize there's never a dull moment in the Tweed-Simmons household - what's keeping you busy these days?

Shannon Tweed: We're shooting our 8th season (Although the network named one 6.5 so.... Season 7.5?)

Behind the Scenes of GSFJ - Tweed Simmons wedding

It's awards shows season AND I'm trying to whip Gene back into shape by dragging him to the hikes and gym with me.

SABS: Before I let you go...did you make any New Year's resolutions?

Shannon Tweed: To never settle for second best again! To remind Gene,"Happy Wife, Happy Life"


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You can follow Shannon on twitter at @shannonleetweed

For more information on Shannon's show just visit


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