RAYMOND’S RESTAURANT Friendship, Food & Fate

Posted: December 9, 2011

We first heard incredible things about this restaurant from St.John's son Seamus O’Regan (post).

And that was even before it opened.

Since welcoming in their first guest – near twelve months ago - they’ve received rave review after rave review, and were even declared the #1 NEW Restaurant in Canada by EnRoute Magazine! A fantastic first year as a team I’d say.

Chef Jeremy Charles, Jeremy Bonia & me (Stephanie Beaumont at Raymond's RestaurantIt was great to sit down for a chat with the dynamic duo of Jeremy Bonia and Chef Jeremy Charles.

Filmed in August at their spot on Water Street in St.John’s, NL – I got the feeling that the 'sitting' part was something they did very rarely.  We caught them before opening so the restaurant was quiet, but their slates were full and their phones were vibrating.  Between the details of the business and the impending birth of a baby, the boys were beyond busy!  All that alliteration to say – I’m grateful they made the time for me.

We talked about dreams, friendship, fate, teamwork, success and how wonderful it is to be in Newfoundland & Labrador...and yes we drank champagne. Sweet!

Since our filming Chef Charles has added a new member to his family - Hank Walter Parker-Charles was born September 3, 2011 – so our congratulations there, and best wishes to both Jeremys on the continued success of Raymond’s Restaurant!

Cheers to ya fellas…see ya for supper soon!!! SABS

For more information visit www.raymondsrestaurant.com

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