BAG OF BONES…Some Scary Stuff Wha?

Posted: December 13, 2011

It's all over now but the nightmares!  A&E aired Part 2 of Stephen King's BAG OF BONES last night (12/12/11) and as we reported in our last post following the premiere - incredible actress Annabeth Gish was live tweeting throughout the broadcast...which again - seems ironic given the fact she's so incredibly and horribly 'dead' during much of the 2 part 4 hour mini series. (I joke because it keeps me from screaming).

Gish would punctuate the movie with her take which was great like in this tweet...I believe too.

And she graciously shared with us the following behind the scenes pictures from her time as Jo - we wanted to post them here in case you missed them in the Twitter stream.

Adrien Morot, Kathy Tse & Annabeth Gish in 'Make Up' on set of BAG OF BONES

"All of Adrien's team. Kathy, Mark, Bruno, Adrien. They held my hand when I got scared!" Annabeth Gish

COOL CONTRAST L-Annabeth Gish in make up with Mick Gervais on set of BAG OF BONES and R - Annabeth Gish with Mick Gervais at A&E premiere of BAG OF BONES

So many folks have come to Sea and be Scene - since we first announced the filming of the movie here in Nova Scotia.

And then more came when we broke the story of Pierce Brosnan in the leading role (how cool was that? post)...and still more visited SABS during the broadcast over the past two nights asking "where was it filmed?"

Halifax tweetWe hope if you've found us once you'll come back again and maybe visit this corner of the world too.

I must say - it's so great to know that Ms. Annabeth Gish is looking forward to the next opportunity. SABS

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  1. AWSOME!....I luv this ....thank you Stephanie...8)

    Comment by marc fortin — December 13, 2011 @ 11:56 pm

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