Love Lessons with The HEARTBROKEN

Posted: November 8, 2011

“Ask and you shall receive” 

Solid advice and so we did….ask for help that is...from The Heartbroken.

The super group comprised of Damhnait Doyle NL, Stuart Cameron, Blake Manning and Peter Fusco met up with us at The Carleton in Halifax, NS no so long ago.  They were touring through so we had a great chat about their awesome album, their coming together as a band and so much more in our feature interview (click here to see that).

It was after that talk – when we approached them on something else…something more personal and frankly something we’re lacking here on Sea and be Scene “advice on love”.

Who better than The Heartbroken to share their wisdom with us on the matter.  You might say their hearts have been broken so that ours might be spared (that’s kinda dramatic, but kinda true…sort of).

LOVE Lessons with The HeartbrokenSo sit back and take council in their sage teachings. We’re pleased to present...


THE HEARTBROKEN (episode #1) 


You can catch The Heartbroken in Concert when they tour back through the Maritimes with Carleton Stone beginning this coming weekend…here’s the scoop on that.

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