Glo McNeill – At Home Here in Nova Scotia

Occupation: Contestant on Recipe to Riches - Winner Week #1

Place of Birth: Manchester, Lancashire, England

Currently Resides: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Where’s your favourite place in Nova Scotia to grab a coffee?

Timmies... where everyone knows everyone else

Where’s your favourite place in Nova Scotia to grab a pint?

The Knot in Lunenburg - best pub in NS

Where’s your favourite place to shop in Nova Scotia?

Annie Estelles here in town

Where in Nova Scotia would we stand to see your favourite view?

Bottom of my street, looking at our harbour

Name 3 things we’ve gotta do when we visit Nova Scotia:

1. Sit in my kitchen having fresh baked scones and homemade wild blueberry jam

2. See the tall ships in Lunenburg Harbour on a summer day

3. Walk slowly round Lunenburg, stay a while, and refresh your soul

What makes Nova Scotia such a special place on earth for you?

There are more trees than people, more people than cars, and people are kind to each other.



As mentioned above Glo is a contestant on Recipe to Riches - she's already won the "Sweet Puddings and Pies" category with her Luscious Lemon Pudding Cakes and now she's in the running for the grand prize of $250,000.

The feature picture above was taken the morning after Glo's winning episode aired - no wonder her husband Jerry is smiling!

She's a local favourite in Lunenburg for sure, but not just supermarket told me her product has been flying out the door...very delicious indeed!

You can follow Glo on Twitter like we do @OliviaNewt

For more on the show click here.


  1. I saw the show on sunday dec 11 way to go Glo can you tell me when the cakes will hit Alberta ? I just cant wait Woody

    Comment by woody — December 13, 2011 @ 3:49 pm

  2. It was nice to see Glo (?Gloria?) win after her campaign of persuading the residents of Lunenburg to vote. A shame she is going to spend all the prize money on herself.

    Comment by Ed — December 15, 2011 @ 3:57 pm

  3. Hi Glo:
    Congrats on your big win. Go to Russell1818 on Youtube to see yourself on Face The Music in 1975.

    Comment by Russell Ross — December 16, 2011 @ 9:18 pm

  4. would like to seesome of your art work;do you have a site? Do you sell your paintings and what is the price range.

    I love lemon but need diabetic recipe version of your winner!

    Comment by lynn nesbitt — January 10, 2012 @ 1:53 pm

  5. Well done! Spend the money on yourself! You earned it. glad to see you both looking so well. Maggie O'D sent this to me today. Lovely place to live. I have friends in Wolfville--Sarah Lee Lewis and Herbie Lewis. Met both in Spain at a children's theatre festival (ASSITEJ) when I was president (English) of Canada's Association Internationale Theatre for children and youth. Stayed with them when we camped across Canada. You are so blessed!

    Comment by Barbara McLauchlin — May 24, 2012 @ 1:21 am

  6. ps you can see me on UTube Barbara McLauchlin

    Comment by Barbara McLauchlin — May 24, 2012 @ 1:22 am

  7. Good morningGlo. I just heard you on CKBW in Bridgewater and would LOVE to get my hands on one of your cookbooks.

    I followed you on Recipe to Riches - Congratulations - no other contestant has been as great to watch since you.

    Can you please give me details on how I can purchase one of your cookbooks?

    Sue Renaud

    Comment by Sue Renaud — November 5, 2012 @ 8:56 am

  8. Lynn sorry just found these questions: my paintings can be found through Lunenburg Art Gallery and Power Gallery Lunenburg, thank you so much for asking. And who got the idea I was spending all the winnings on myself? Ludicrous! we fixed leaks and broken bits on our 140 year old house and gave lump sums to family members who needed it and to causes dear to our heart. And Barbara how wonderful to hear from you! I would love to read your book - someone who shares our memory of Total Theatre, The Theatre Guild, and Alice D and the lion! please communicate

    Comment by Glo McNeill — February 3, 2013 @ 3:59 pm

  9. And sorry Sue, didn't answer you - my book is avallable at Chapters, Coles, Costco, and on Amazon.

    Comment by Glo McNeill — February 3, 2013 @ 4:02 pm

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