BOO-tiful HALLOWEEN Album 2011

We had SABS friends send in their pictures of Halloween this year, and Halloween last and Halloweens from way back in the past.  Have a look at what we've got collected... and if you would like to get yours in the mix - it's never too late (send them into [email protected])

Our first batch came from a lady who has been celebrating Halloween BIG time since she was just a little thing.... 

Erin Lannan was only 4 in this Boy George ensemble.  

Erin Lannan aged 4

Erin Lannan & Kurt Stoodley over the yearsThese days she's joined frightful forces with her fella Kurt Stoodley

And every year it's a top secret endeavour...

to outdo the year before.

Here's just a samplin' of costumes from years gone by.


Whether it's  

two imaginative characters



or a couple of creepy creatures...


you can always count on creativity from these two!

After you're done with this album be sure to check out...

Erin's Cool People Profile and

Kurt's Cool People Profile  too!

They are two truly cool Atlantic Canadians and when it comes to the spooky season... 

NO one does this region prouder in the great city of Ottawa...



And here my friends is their 2011 costume...Erin Lannan & Kurt Stoodley 2011

No argument who's better looking!!!

And no surprise that Erin's sister Megan Lannan (who still hangs her hat in New Brunswick) loves Halloween too.  Here she is as Bridezilla along with Curious George's 'The Man in the Yellow Hat" aka - Stephen Hallett

Megan Lannan with Stephen Hallett for Halloween 2011

For Megan's Cool People Profile click here.

Talk about cool - channeling greatness - that's singer, songwriter and artist extraordinaire Ryan MacGrath rockin' a killer Freddy Mercury...

Ryan MacGrath as Freddy Mercury

The look was for an annual show/fundraiser at the Company House called "For the Dead" put on by the organizers of the In the Dead of Winter Festival which happens every year in January. They ask the artists to dress-up and perform as a deceased musician/singer of their choice. You chose great Ryan!!!   (You can check out our feature interview with Ryan by clicking here)

Always in some sort of great get-up for his hit show This Hour has 22 Minutes, star Mark Critch was doing a little rockin' of his own for their Halloween taping...

Mark Critch Halloween 80's episode

The show that aired on November 1st was an all 80's version and let's just say Mr. Critch gave it his all. (Check out Mark's INsights IN 10 for more laughs than this look...although that is pretty funny).

Donna Saker age 5

While we're going way back in time...check out radio personality Donna Saker back when she was just 5 years old.

Sure she's smiling but as Donna wrote to us...

"I had just finished crying cuz mom made me wear this costume again which she had made for me the previous year!!"  DS

A character building event for sure 😉

And the best part... she grew up great!!!

Check out Donna's Cool People Profile by clicking here.

Paddy Daly 2011Another radio personality who celebrates the season in style is VOCM Backtalk Host Paddy Daly.

That signature smile could not be dampened even with those fangs...

Sorry but Dracula has never been less scary!

Thanks for sharing Paddy - you're right sweet!




Someone who did scare us, however, was Greg Deruchie....

Greg Deruchie's Family

Fortunately we found his wife Sherrie's smile reassuring (even though her witch outfit is hauntingly good).  Plus Princess Kendra was so darn sweet and clearly Kale was there to serve and protect if things got too spooky!  Our great thanks to the Deruchie Family for sharing their festivities with us.

Another frightfully fun family shot comes from SABS supporter Stan de Hann - get a load of this and Stan's note below...Stan and Mary Lou de Haan with Ernie

"Here is a pic of my wife Mary Lou and me at a Halloween party in 2010. I am a ventriloquist comedian and thought it was a great idea to incorporate one of my dummies, so I dressed up as a headless ventriloquist and my dummy Ernie was Dracula. I went headless because let's face it, Ernie does all the talking anyway, haha!! My wife was dressed as a gypsy bellydancer. Take care Steph and Happy Halloween" Stan

Thanks Stan - so happy you sent that in...very creative...creepy...but creative.  Check out Stan's talents by visiting his site.

Our next two pictures prove that even the four-legged folks enjoy dressing up for Halloween.

Lesley-Ann Campbell who's a large animal Vet captures one of her gang all dolled up...Lesley-Ann Campbell - Sheep turned Robin Hood

Now, if that's Robin Hood - I can only imagine the rest of the 'Merry Men'. 

Thanks for that pic Ms. Campbell. 

Debbie Quillan and Shadow - sent in by Gary Quillan Truro, NSThanks to another SABS supporter Gary Quillan for this one of his wife Debbie and their dog Shadow.

Dressed to impress and greet Trick or Treaters in Truro, Nova Scotia.




Next up - a couple of really famous faces from the world of showbiz for ya.  The first was sent in by Jim Dorie...

Underneath that great green MASK is his son Jason Dorie

Jason Dorie - sent in my Jim Dorie

That's awesome Jim - thanks so much for sharing!

Another popular character was created on Prince Edward Island and sent in by Janet Norman-Bain who's best known as the 'social media kid' for The Great Canadian Soap Co. Well that's her kid - son Ben Bain as Hello Kitty 

Ben Bain as Hello Kitty - sent in by his Mom - Janet Norman-Bain

You can see the very cool story of how this awesome costume was constructed by visiting Janet's other son Alex Bain's Blog...clere here for that.  Thanks Janet - talented gang ya got there!

My little pumpkin 1st HalloweenAnd since this seems like the 'proud parent' portion of our BOO-tiful Album for 2011

I'll wrap things up with a picture of my little pumpkin.

That was her first Halloween and she's loved it ever since!

Thanks to everyone for sharing the shots...

Let's BOO it all again next year! sb

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