Posted: September 23, 2011

SHAWN DOYLE plays Sea and be Scene's...

SHAWN-DOYLE-INsights-IN-10INsights IN 10 REDUX.  The goal, as always, in these rapid fire 10 questions is to give you all you need to know about the person playing...sort of…and now there’s a brand new twist for an even greater glimpse into our victim player.

We met up with Mr. Doyle in Lunenburg, NS where he's currently filming THE DISAPPEARED.  We also shot a feature interview with the man in which we discuss that and so many other exciting projects he's got on the go. Click here for that.

So watch the video and get to know this movie star/TV star/NL Fella a little bit better.  ENJOY! SABS


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As per Shawn's reco... see Bruce Lee playing PingPong click here

For more INsights IN 10 with some Great East Coast folk just click on the picture to link to the post

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