Sea and be SCENE of the Day – October 2011

We made a random draw from everyone who contributed a SCENE during the month and we congratulate...

October PrizeChristine Agnew (her picture is featured above) - she has scored a signed copy of the brand new CD from NL group THE ONCE "Row Upon Row of People They Know" - cool!

Thank you to everyone for sharing your 'view' of Canada's East Coast - we are grateful!!!


Have a look at the four Atlantic Provinces as shared with us during the month of October 2011... 

 Pumpkin Patch Wolfville, NS - Kelley EdwardsOctober 1, 2011

This scene is one of many lovely shots captured by Kelley Edwards.  Borrowed from her essay "A Fabulous Fall" - this picture was taken in the Valley - near Wolfville, Nova Scotia and features one of our favourite things about autumn  - PUMPKINS.

There's a lot going on in the scene - but we love the fact that everyone is united in the pleasant pursuit of the perfect pumpkin - yay fall!!!


Jo-Ann's in Mahone Bay, NSOctober 2, 2011

This SCENE...was captured at one of our favourite spots on the South Shore of Nova Scotia - Jo-Ann's Deli Market & Bake Shop. You know it's autumn in Mahone Bay when the pumpkins adorn the roof of Jo-Ann's.

And now that the Great Scarecrow Festival is in full swing you'll see a few other characters up there too. Last year it was 'Marilyn Monroe'.

We salute Jo-Ann's in this their 25th season of bringing fresh local produce, tasty treats and downright delightful atmosphere to residents and tourists alike.  We love ya!

For more great events in Nova Scotia this month check out listings.


Elliston, NL - Christine AgnewOctober 3, 2011

This scene was send in by Christine Agnew who spent the weekend in beautiful Elliston, NL with a few hundred other folks to take in Roots Rants &  Roars.  Here's the note she sent...

"This is the perfect spot to drink wine and sample creations from Canada Top Chef's...Roots Rants and Roars! Amazing food and people!"CA

Roots Rants & Roars - Christine AgnewThe event was indeed a great success - big congratulations to the Captain of the 2011 RR&R Team... Chef Todd Perrin

Sign us up for next year will ya?!

Thanks for sharing the weekend with us Christine - you're right sweet.


Ester's PumpkinsOctober 4, 2011

This scene was captured  at one of our many local 'pumpkin suppliers' here in Nova Scotia.

Just this morning - I stopped and picked up 3 dandy ones (2 smalls & 1 med) to begin the fall decorating at the SABS corporate offices 😉

Ester's Pumpkins - located right along Hwy 3 in East Chester is a great spot to stop. A wonderful home grown crop with plenty to pick from - some are even pre-decorated with faces if you fancy...she has great scarecrows too.

Ester's PumpkinsEster says she's used to folks stopping by to take pictures of her harvest, have a chat and leave with their favourite in the bunch.

If you're out around this way - drop by and get one for yourself (and tell her we sent ya!)


Summerville Beach, NS - Janice LandryOctober 5, 2011

This beautiful scene comes to us at the perfect time. Those temperatures have definitely dropped to 'seasonal' levels and as the leaves drop from the trees and the rain/snow falls from the sky it's lovely to harken back to the summer sun.

This picture was taken by Janice Landry who simply captioned it "HEAVEN".  We can't argue.

That's the vantage point from The Quarterdeck Beachside Villas looking out onto Summerville Beach, Nova Scotia

While this shot was taken in the height of the summer season - it's worth noting the villas are open year round.  Are you thinking what I'm thinking???

Thanks for sharing the shot Janice - you're some sweet!!!

For more info on The Quarterdeck click here


tide out Victoria Park - Brian WattsOctober 6, 2011

This scene was captured while the tide was out on Victoria Park beach in Charlottetown.

Surrounded by sand, Prince Edward Island does indeed have miles and miles and miles of spectacular beaches - each one a little different and all affected by the ocean's tides.

We found a cool website that gives you all the tidal info you can handle by day and times and more. Click here for info on PEI tides.

Our great thanks to our PEI Guy Brian Watts for another beautiful scene of The Gentle Island.


October 7, 2011

This scene is a priceless one indeed!

Daisy in Burnt Cove - Melinda BolandMeet one of Burnt Cove, NL's oldest residents at 105 (that's 15 dog years) - Daisy is the proud pup of the Boland family and we're guessing her longevity has as much to do with that clean ocean air as the tasty treats from the Oceanview Bakery just up over the rocks where she's perched.

At any rate we love this picture because it certainly is open for Daisy...laughing, yelling, yawning...we don't know - all we can confirm is that she loves living in the Atlantic Provinces 😉

Thanks to our great friend Melinda Boland for sharing the shot! LOVE IT!!!

WE ASKED YOU TO CAPTION THE SHOT...and here are just a few...

"You think the Leafs are gonna win the Stanley Cup?! (hahahahaha) You're killing me!!!" Donny T.

"HEEEEY We're out of cinnomon buns down here!!!" Gary Q.

"I love getting salt spray in my eyes..." Christine L.

"I'm going to hold this pose until they cast me as the crime fighting dog on Republic of Doyle" Teresa M.

THANKS for all your submissions - think we might do this again! sb

ps - Late word from Melinda herself who thinks Daisy was actually saying either "I want to go home now" or "WHALES, they're everywhere!" and there you have it.

Autumn Tree - sbOctober 8, 2011

This scene captures just one of many incredible sights now that fall is in full swing....

Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
Fluttering from the autumn tree.
Emily Bronte

Just LOVE fall!!!




Big Island Pictou County, NS - Judith WeberOctober 9, 2011

This scene comes to us from our good friend Judith Weber from Germany who is happily back in the Atlantic Provinces - celebrating all the fun during this year's Celtic Colours International Festival.

This picture captures the view from Judith's friends house on Big Island in Pictou County, Nova Scotia and includes two things we love - the great Atlantic and coffee!!! What a way to wake up.

So lovely to have you back in our corner of the world Ms. Weber - thanks for the beautiful scene and enjoy your stay!!!


Pumpkin Regatta, Windsor, NS - Dave CarmichaelOctober 10, 2011

This scene was captured just yesterday (10/09/11) at the 13th Annual Pumpkin Regatta in Windsor, Nova Scotia.

43 gianormous pumpkins were hollowed out and sailors were suited up to cross Pesaquid the end only 33 of the crafts made it to the other side with Joe Seagram getting there first to take the win.

Mr. Seagram, who is the headmaster of King's-Edgehill School, has taken part in three previous races - this is his first victory.  We congratulate him and everyone who took part. Sure looks like fun! 

Our great thanks to Dave Carmichael for the cool shot!


Halifax Harbour on Harbour Hopper - Steve NaussOctober 11, 2011

This scene was  captured while floating along the Halifax Harbour

Hard to believe some of the weather we've been having this fall.  So lovely in fact it's worth noting - you can get out and enjoy this vantage point and so many more great Halifax city scenes aboard the Harbour Hopper which will continue touring until late October.

One of Sea and be Scene's shooters Steve Nauss snapped this picture while he and his family took in the tour.  Thanks for sharing the shot Steve - you're right sweet!

For more info on the Halifax Harbour Hopper click here


Home in Nova Scotia - Louise MitchellOctober 12, 2011

This pretty scene was sent into us by Louise Mitchell who was home for the Thanksgiving weekend - her caption...

"Nothing beats autumn in Nova Scotia"LM

Agreed! We are indeed lucky to be surrounded by such beauty here in the Atlantic Provinces and this is a spectacular time of year.  Thanks for the shot Louise - very sweet of ya!

French Fort Cove - Megan LannanOctober 13, 2011

This scene was sent in by our good pal in Megan Lannan and taken at French Fort Cove in Miramichi, NB during the beautiful Thanksgiving weekend we had here in the Atlantic Provinces.  

The French Fort Cove is a nature park with walking trails, canoeing, kayaking, paddle-boats, a children's playground and more - it's very busy in the summer.

And come the winter it's the site of the  Miramichi Rotary Pond Hockey Tournament - when the scene looks decidedly different, but still spectacular. 

Great that the park is being enjoyed all year round. Thanks for sharing the shot Megan - you're sweet to do it!


Fall Sunrise - Tanya KellyOctober 14, 2011

What is it about an autumn sunrise?! The colours always seem so dramatic like they've been painted across the sky!

This Chester, Nova Scotia sunrise was featured as part of our "Focus on Fall 2010" -  our great thanks to Tanya Kelly for sharing the shot.

To see the complete feature click here.

Blue Rocks Inukshuk - Lisa CollicuttOctober 15, 2011

This cool scene was sent in by Lisa Collicutt.  Out for a motorcycle ride in this fabulous fall weather - Lisa came across this inukshuk in Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia - what a cool shot! 

The traditional meaning of the inukshuk is 'Someone was here', but of course thousands of folks flock to Blue Rocks every year - a favourite spot for many including Jen Laughlin & Aidan Brunn from Schoolhouse Gluten-Free Gourmet who highly recommended a visit during our feature interview.  You can also see this stunning location in the 2011 film Jumping the Broom.

Thanks for thinking of us Lisa - we're pleased to have your pic!


October 16, 2011

I call this scene "therapy"....all you need is a pair of rubber boots and a beach.

Incredible how wading into the waves can wash away the troubles...and it's free!

Imagine how great I'd feel with a set of hip-waders!!!sb


A Royal Wedding - Penny HannamOctober 17, 2011

This scene is one fit for a King...or rather a Prince and Princess of the pumpkin variety.

Sent in by SABS pal Penny Hannam after a weekend spent at her family home along with this note...

ROYAL Pumpkin WEDDING - Penny Hannam"There was lots going on in Annapolis Royal (NS) this weekend: Farmer's Market at the Historical Gardens, Pantry Sale at the Annapolis Royal Fire Hall, etc....But on my travels through St. George Street - the main street in AR and a street lined with many B&B's and historical homes, I came across a Royal Wedding!" PH

So great! Thanks for sharing the shot again Penny! Be sure to check out Penny's photo journal from the U2 concert in NB - very cool!!!


Fundy Shore, NB - Lesley-Ann CampbellOctober 18, 2011

This scene was sent in by SABS friend Lesley-Ann Campbell

As you'll note from her Cool People Profile Lesley-Ann lives in Ontario, but recently she was home in Nova Scotia and her friend from St.John's, NL was over for a visit so they decided to take a road trip to New Brunswick. That's what we call an 'East Coast Hat-trick'.

And what's a trip to New Brunswick without a stop at Hopewell Rocks on the Fundy Shore? Sure looks like lots of folks had the same great idea. 

Thanks for another awesome scene Lesley-Ann!


Suzanne Scott - fall in New London, PEIOctober 19, 2011

This scene comes courtesy of Suzanne Scott AKA The Potter's Daughter .

Suzanne tweeted this glorious picture of her "favourite view" on Prince Edward Island a few days ago - as proof that you can't beat fall on PEI.  This is the view from Village Pottery in New London - you can read all about it in Suzanne's Cool People Profile.

Thanks for sharing the shot Ms. Scott - lovely to see what you get to enjoy everyday!


Fitzroy River update - Emma-Lynn RossOctober 20, 2011

Our first ever update in the Sea and be SCENE feature.  If you can harken back to September 29, 2011 (click here for a refresher)

Emma-Lynn Ross wrote in about finally stopping to appreciate this place...the FitzRoy River in Hubbards, Nova Scotia.  She also said she would try and send us another picture when the leaves changed some more - well true to her word - here's the update.

Thanks Emma-Lynne so glad you made the time and shared the shot.


Glace Bay (pre-soundcheck) - Dean BrodyOctober 21, 2011

This scene was just taken by DEAN BRODY who, along with Aaron Lines and Deric Ruttan, is in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia tonight.

The CMT Hitlist Tour is making it's second last stop this evening, at the historical Savoy Theatre.  They'll travel to Halifax tomorrow to wrap things up in the Casino Nova Scotia's Schooner Room.(click here for tickets)

Here's the note Dean posted with the shot...

"Back in nova scotia! (Glace bay)... Down by the ocean waiting for soundcheck. I've sure missed it, good to be back" DB

Sure is great to have ya Dean back - we've miss you too!!! Thanks for the great scene!

For all kinds of fun stuff with Dean Brody click here.


October 22, 2011

These two pictures come from SABS friend, Kelley Edwards who, when her plans for a long weekend get away to Cape Breton were cancelled - decided to make the best of staying home near Halifax.

Thanksgiving at the beach - Kelley Edwards

...and were sent along with this note...

"This was my Thanksgiving - I made dinner, packed it up and brought it to the beach. The water was so warm that we swam into the evening. At one point, I was floating in the ocean while the sun was setting on one side, and the moon was rising on the other. It really was an amazing day, and just another reminder of how thankful I am to live here." KE



full moon on PEI - Brian WattsOctober 23, 2011

This scene comes from our PEI Guy aka Brian Watts - who always sends us stellar scenes of his home province.  This one - no exception. 

Capturing October's full moon - shining bright and "working" perfectly with the lights in this lovely spot...very cool!

Thanks so much Mr. Watts


Sheree Fitch - view from her window photo by: Gilles PlanteOctober 24, 2011

This glorious shot comes to us courtesy of awesome author Sheree Fitch.

Photo credit of this view from her window goes to her husband Gilles Plante -  "I'm here in heaven with him" Sheree explains. 

Heavenly indeed - that gorgeous spot is River John, NS.

There Were Monkeys in My Kitchen by Sheree Fitch Illustrations by Sydney SmithSheree also tells us that next month - November 20th to be exact - her delightful and award-winning children's classic "There Were Monkeys in My Kitchen" will be re-released with illustrations by NSCAD University grad, popular artist and Halifax resident Sydney Smith - sweet!

It's always a joy to read Sheree's it book, blog or 140 characters worth of pure character. 

Be sure to check out her site and follow her on Twitter @sherfitch 

Many thanks for sharing your lovely scene with us Ms. Fitch - we are grateful!


Highland Hills, Cape Breton, NS - Christina MrkonjicOctober 25, 2011

This incredible scene was sent in by Christina Mrkonjic - a view which she captured on a ride along the Cabot Trail.

The Highlands still adorned in their famous 'Celtic Colours' - it really is something to behold.  Though the autumn days are growing shorter now - it's lovely to have this as a reminder.

Thanks for sharing your trip to Cape Breton with us Christina - you're some sweet!


Kennington Cove, NS - Ainslie CogswellOctober 26, 2011

This scene was sent in to us by SABS supporter and twitter friend  Ainslie Cogswell (@AinslieCogswell)

This lovely picture was captured in late September just after the Cape Breton girl moved home from Manitoba. Taken  just beyond the Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Site in Louisbourg, NS at Kennington Cove.  Sandy beaches, blue skies and the great Atlantic that's a happy homecoming!!!

Thanks for sharing the shot Ainslie - we're glad you're back in the 'hood.


Sailboat St.Margaret's BayOctober 27, 2011

"It is not the ship so much as the skillful sailing that assures the prosperous voyage."
George William Curtis




Kidston Lighthouse in Baddeck, Cape Breton, NSOctober 28, 2011

This scene captures the last leaves of fall and the Kidston Island lighthouse in Baddeck, Nova Scotia - certainly one of the most photographed spots in the world famous village (it actually appears on their seal). 

Baddeck is a "must stop" when you're touring Cape Breton Island - for the Alexander Graham Bell park & museum plus great shops, restaurants and accommodations...oh and while you're there drop into Bean There Coffee Shop...mmmm Coffee!!!



SB with Gus MacMillan and his horse Alf at The Farmer's Daughter in Wycocomagh, NSOctober 29, 2011

I can explain this see - I stopped at The Farmer's Daughter Market in Whycocomagh, NS earlier today - as I usually do when I'm on Cape Breton Island and happened upon their "Octoberfest/Halloween" celebration.

Thanks to Gus MacMillan and his horse Alf - I got a free ride and a great chat. Good fun!!!

We'll have a feature on The Farmer's Daughter posting next month so watch out for that - and BTW if you do take the pony out for that last hill 'round the's a doozy! sb


Black Point, NS - reflectionsOctober 30, 2011

This weekend in Atlantic Canada has offered a cornucopia of weather...from snow and high winds to sunshine and fall breezes.  Driving through Black Point, Nova Scotia yesterday - on what was the perfect fall day - I was reflecting on how fast the summer had passed - when I came upon this remarkable view.

As it turns out it was the proverbial calm before the storm - chilly and cold with a rain snow mix - hard to believe only yesterday we were basking in the sun...batten down the hatches everyone!  If you're weather's keeping you inside best to have a peek through our "Sea and be SCENE of the Day" albums below...we'll bring the lovely outside in - ENJOY!


Happy Halloween - Dana Jarvis Hubbards, NSOctober 31, 2011

Nobody does the season better than Hubbards, NS resident Dana Jarvis.  Every holiday really - Dana does his place up to the nines - from Christmas to Easter you can count on an elaborate and well-designed display - and Halloween is no exception.

This picture was taken this morning and things were still in set up mode - but of course for trick-or-treaters tonight - the show will be beyond scary! 

With smoke machines and flashing lights and much more - you can count on C-R-E-E-P-Y!!!  We love seeing what the Jarvis family comes up with throughout the year - it's always amazing!

We salute you Dana and wish everyone a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!


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Sea and be SCENE of the Day - September 2011

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