Posted: October 18, 2011

THE DISAPPEARED is the story of "6 men, 2 dories and the fight of their lives”. 

When the feature hits the big screen next year that’s what we’ll see, but thanks to a sneak peek provided by the cool production team we can see just how this epic battle of ‘man vs. the Atlantic’ really came together.

Filming took place off the coast of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, so cast and crew needed to be shuttled to the 'set' via boat.  

The Dissappeared 1 photo by Mike Tompkins

Here you can see make-up artist Lindsay Thorne, along with writer/director Shandi Mitchell, actors Gary Levert, Ryan Doucette and Shawn Doyle with Dory Mike aboard too.

Director & Crew

And when your 'set” is in the middle of the ocean…well directing, lighting, capturing sound…everything that goes into movie-making takes on a different and let’s say… ‘challenging’ dimension.  Close quarters for the crew and definitely no trailers for the cast 😉

"The Disappeared" photo credit Mike Tompkins

As we learned from our feature interview with star Shawn Doyle (stay tuned for that) there were NO rowing doubles…needless to say the fellas took the odd break between takes.  Pictured here Brian Downey, Shawn Doyle, Ryan Doucette, Gary Levert (and a smidge of Neil Matheson in the background).

"The Disappeared" photo credit Mike Tompkins
Only space for cast and camera in this shot so Brian Downey sets the scene, with Billy Campbell and Ryan Doucette standing by.

"The Disappeared" photo credit Mike Tompkins  
While the sun did shine quite a bit during the three week shooting schedule – there most definitely was the dark of night and on one such occasion it rained 112 millimeters, but Shawn Doyle, Neil Matheson, Gary Levert, Ryan Doucette and Brian Downey braved the elements to film this scene.

Heading back out to Sea THE DISAPPEAREDWhile the work was hard, the conditions difficult and the subject matter dramatic...

We’ve got it on good authority there were lots of laughs and a bond between cast and crew that will never ‘disappear.’ SABS

To get more inside scoop, behind the scenes shots and all the details on the film's stellar cast and crew visit www.thedisappearedthefilm.com  

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