SHANNON TWEED Said “Yes” to Gene Simmons

Posted: September 2, 2011

Shannon Tweed said "Yes" to Gene Simmons...and in 1 month they’ll both say “I do”.

According to the couple’s wedding invitation they are to be married at The Beverly Hills Hotel on Saturday, October 1, 2011.

The Wedding Invite of Shannon Tweed & Gene Simmons

The invite was accompanied by a note from Shannon (NL) and Gene’s two children Nick & Sophie that reads

Team Tweed-Simmons“After 28 years of two loose strings, our parents have decided to tie the knot. Our Mother will share our horrendous hyphenate of a last name, and our Father’s Life…well it doesn’t change much – But we will be united as a Family in title and Spirit forever.  There will no longer be a Team Tweed or a Team Simmons, but instead a Team Tweed-Simmons and as annoyingly long as that is we hope you’re on it"

So there you have it!  Consider yourself rescued from that cliff from which you dangled following the season finale of Gene Simmons Family Jewels.  We now know the wedding is on…in just four weeks’ time!!!

Gene Simmons Family Jewels - Season 6For those of us not lucky enough to score an invite to the impending nuptials rest assured – we’ll still be able to celebrate and not miss a minute since season 7 of their A&E reality show will premiere on October 4th, picking up where they left off…with the Kiss rocker on the dock, down on bended knee waiting for an answer...happy for both of them that Shannon said “YES”….cannot wait to see the dress! SABS


SABS Source and @ShannonLeeTweed

Being up late again proved lucky – I caught these two tweets go by…her first "mention" of the wedding.

The 2 Days Shannon notes refer to a couple’s retreat she and Simmons just took.


Shannon’s guest spot on Republic of Doyle will be in episode #302 "Head Over Heels" set to air January 2012

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