MARK CRITCH #FFF Friday Favourite Four

Posted: September 2, 2011

It’s Friday so here comes another edition of our fun new feature that takes the #FF one 'F' further...and shakes up Twitter's popular acronym with a SABS twist.

The Sea and be Scene #FFF is your weekly chance to discover the four favourites of your favourite East Coast folks. The four questions will always stay the same...only the folks will change. So for this week…

We’ve got one of Newfoundland & Labrador’s funniest (and busiest) fellas. He is a co-host and writer of the Award Winning hilarious hit series This Hour Has 22 Minutes. Whether it’s as one of his many great original characters or impersonating the likes of Rex Murphy or Danny Williams – this man will have you in stiches.  He is a stellar stand-up comedian too with killer work on Just for Laughs and The Halifax Comedy Fest. And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s got a flare for the dramatic as well – appearing most recently on Republic of Doyle as the troubled cabbie Ned Bishop – a part he’ll reprise in Season 3. Can’t wait!

Mark Critch & This Hour Has 22 Minutes Crew on the White House Lawn - he tweeted pic with caption "Obama's Ride" 09/02/11When he’s not at home in St. John’s he’s shooting here there and everywhere for 22 Minutes – just this week he was in Washington DC hanging at the White House…cool!!!

He is truly talented, tremendously gracious and right some sweet.           He is Mark Critch.

Thank you Mr. Critch – so pleased to feature your favourites! SABS

Mark Critch - FFF Friday Favourite book

Mark Critch - FFF Friday Favourite album

Mark Critch - FFF Friday Favourite meal

Mark Critch - FFF Friday Favourite famous dinner companion

Be sure to check out Mark Critch's Cool People Profile and for his show hit

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