Children of a Lesser GodOriginally Posted: October 3, 2011

25 years ago....What?! How is that even possible?!

Well – we did the math a few times and it’s true.

It was on this day - October 3, 1986 - that the award winning movie Children of a Lesser God hit theatres.

William Hurt and Marlee MatlinFilmed in New Brunswick, the film stars Oscar winning actor William Hurt as James Leeds, a new speech teacher who tries to school a young deaf woman named Sarah Norman who would rather stay in her own silent world.

Marlee Matlin co-stars as Sarah – a role that earned her Best Actress awards at both the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes in 1987 - establishing her forever in the Hollywood star system.

There's no denying the setting adds so much to the movie. A chilly fall in New Brunswick provides the perfect backdrop for all the drama.

Children of a Lesser GodBeaver Harbour and Saint John were noted as primary locations for the production, while the school scenes were shot using RCS-Netherwood School in Rothesay, and the famous pool scene was shot on location at the Vocational High School in Saint John.

All told – Children of a Lesser God received 5 Oscar nominations including one for Best Picture.  Just can’t believe it was released a quarter of a century ago.  Still a great movie filmed in a truly beautiful part of the world! SABS

Children of a Lesser God DVDChildren of a Lesser God is available on DVD and Blu-Ray through Paramount Pictures Home Entertainment.

The film is also available to buy or rent on Amazon Instant Video - click here for details.






  1. I can remember like it was yesterday, I happened to be on Main street west Saint John the nite that they were filming a nite shot with William Hurt walking up the street they had made it look like there was a movie theatre on the street for this shot. they also wanted it to look like it was raining because they had these machines that were dropping water from above that made it look like it was raining, it was unreal, it really looked like natural rain. Anyways I must have spent at least 3 hours watching all of the takes and what really got me thinking just how long it takes to film an entire movie was that the scene I watched was all of about 20-30 seconds in the movie. Like I said it must have been at least 3 hours that I spent watching all of this unfold only to go to the movie and realize that all of that work went into about 20 to 30 seconds of the film. Although it was a very small part of the film I was very glad that I decided to stick it out and watch all of the takes. I had never before seen a real life movie take so it was pretty cool to know when I did see the movie that I was there in person to see that part of the movie when it was shot.

    Comment by Michael O'Brien — July 27, 2013 @ 11:25 pm

  2. I worked on that film with other classmates. I believe I was in grade 10 at the time at KVHS. We were hired to work on props for the film. It was a great time and I even got to meet William Hurt!

    Comment by Holly DeWolf — June 29, 2015 @ 6:22 pm

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