Vinessa Antoine Evidence of a HAVEN Hit

Post: August 15, 2011

Evidence Ryan (aka Evi Crocker) may not be ‘troubled’ but she certainly does bring T-R-O-U-B-L-E to town.

HAVEN L-R Vinessa Antoine, Eric Balfour, Emily Rose & Lucas BryantOne of HAVEN’s newest residents arrives with her game on – ready to go round for round with her estranged husband Duke (Eric Balfour).  Thanks to her it’s hard to say which is the bigger mystery – Crocker’s past or his future.

All we can say for sure is the lady playing Evi Crocker is one very talented actress.

It was wonderful to meet Vinessa Antoine at the centre of all things HAVEN here in Chester, Nova ScotiaThe Eleanor Pew Memorial Arena has doubled as a ‘sound stage’ of sorts for the hit Syfy/Showcase series – so when cast and crew aren’t setting up in some cool and/or creepy location along Nova Scotia’s Southern Shore - they set up shop in the arena.

Vinessa Antoine as Evidence Ryan on HAVEN v. Judith Winter on BEING ERICAWe caught Vinessa between episodes of HAVEN – and between hit shows really.  In addition to her dark and shadowy character of Evidence – she’s playing the complete opposite as lawyer, mom and best friend Judith Winter on the CBC favourite Being Erica.

Vinessa Antoine & Stephanie BeaumontIt was very cool to chat with her about both her roles, discover how she’s balancing both shows and how she’s bound to throw HAVEN even more off kilter. Great fun!

Thanks for making the time Ms. Antoine – you are truly delightful! SABS

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