Sea and be SCENE of the Day – August 2011

Have a look at the four Atlantic Provinces as shared with us during the month of August ...


August 1, 2011

This scene - is one I was soooo looking forward to. It's the view from my parents deck in Holyrood.

That's the Holyrood Marina - and how lovely to see the sun shining for our arrival.

Glad to be in Newfoundland & Labrador and gearing up for a busy couple of weeks...but I am more than happy to be spending the evening 'relaxing' in preparation - especially when the view is so lovely. sb


August 2, 2011

This scene proves that it's never too 'soupy' for a sail where gulls are concerned.

Skies have been rather grey today in the Atlantic region - while a few areas woke up to sun or got a smidge later...temperatures are nothing to write home about.  We've had reports of rain and thunder storms in some spots, while others are foggy all over BUT - this is summer weather whether we like it or not.

Maybe these bow riders off the coast of Prince Edward Island have it right - best to take it as it comes...just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Thanks to our pal Brian Watts for continuing to share the great shots!


August 3, 2011

This scene just happened this morning!!! And how cool - right?!

So we (Melinda B. and I) had just finished shooting the Regatta at Quidi Vidi Lake (stay tuned for story) and I needed a coffee (what else is new?!).  We were crossing the street to get to Coffee Matters (great lattes) when what should we see but Republic of Doyle (LOVE LOVE the show) shooting in the parking lot of the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland (beautiful place to stay).

So I immediately scan the scene for Allan Hawco (always the busiest fella on set) and then for him (Yes, Russell Crowe - cause he told me he'd be there) - needless to say our attention was turned elsewhere only to turn around to find two other guest stars right there in coffee shop.

Scott Grimes and Kevin Durand were kind enough to pose with me for the picture - and I'm grateful!

Both fellas will be joining friends and Robin Hood co-stars Alan Doyle & Russell Crowe along with Danielle Spencer and Size2Shoes for 2 sold out shows at LSPU tonight and tomorrow night. (article)

FYI 2 things...3 things...just though of a 3rd

1. While Scott Grimes couldn't reveal why he looked so beat up he did confirm that it was not as a result of attending the George Street Festival.

2. Kevin Durand is gianormous (not standing on a chair as you might deduce from the shot)

3. They're both right sweet!


August 4, 2011

This scene is open for interpretation. What do you see when you look at this picture?

Something forgotten, abandoned and old? Or, like our friend Kelley Edwards, do you see lovely colours and the beauty of this scene - as the old boat returns to the earth and the sea?

It did indeed catch her eye as she drove along the number 7 highway just before Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia.

I thought of the song "Saltwater Hearts" by Dave Gunning when I saw it...

"...Changing tides rolling like a tune
Into the days that keep ending much too soon
Saltwater hearts always drifting back to you"

So...what do you see?


August 5, 2011

This scene was captured in Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia - the mural graces the exterior wall of  Mom's Buy & Sell and Dad's Ice Cream Shop.

It's a perfect adornment to a spot that's sweet to stop and fun to browse through.  One our favourites for sure!





August 6, 2011

This scene is simply spectacular.  SABS friend Judith Weber has merged her talents for photography with her love of great East Coast Music in a on line presentation entitled "Illustration of Lyrics"

This is just one of the many breath taking pictures you will find her collection.

Judith is based in Germany but we were thrilled to learn of her upcoming trip to the Atlantic Provinces this fall - and looking forward to more wonderful "SCENES" like this!  Thanks for sharing Judith.

For more on "Illustration of Lyrics" click here.


August 7, 2011

Some soupy wha?

Let's just hope it's not their first go at the narrows.  No doubt this ship has sailed out of St.John's Harbour* before - which seems difficult on the best of days to someone who has never navigated the waters - but under these foggy conditions???

An amazing scene.

*trust us - our camera was pointed at the's there... somewhere


August 8, 2011

This scene is a flashback to all the fun and a wonderful reminder that Chester Race Week is steeped in tradition.

The first documented Regatta was held in 1856 - the next will be held in just two days time August 10 - 13 in the seaside village.

Over 150 boats with crew members from around the world will take part in the annual event.

Wind in your sails...sweet!

For more info visit


August 9, 2011

This awesome scene comes to us courtesy of  Toronto based music composer and NL fella Greg Hawco.

Greg is back in the homeland for a stretch and he captured this shot of the roaring Atlantic Ocean off Cape Spear just this morning - proving that even on a bad weather day - it's nothing short of specular!

Be sure to check out Greg Hawco's Cool People Profile and find out why, for him, there's no place like home in Newoundland & Labrador.


August 10, 2011

This scene was captured just as Gail Antle Benner was approaching Woods Island, PEI back in June.

She writes "It was a beautiful, foggy day!!!"

No doubt we've had our fair share of sea mist, showers and fog up the wazoo this summer - but still... pretty hard to argue with the fact - that's a truly lovely scene.


August 11, 2011

This scene was the perfect "homecoming"

What a lovely evening to return to Nova Scotia - sunshine and welcoming waves.

Then again, no matter where we hang our hat in these 4 incredible provinces we take comfort in the Atlantic tides that touch our shores until we're off again.

How lucky we are!


August 12, 2011

This scene captures marvelous Maquapit Lake, which is one of five lakes and rivers that drain into Grand Lake - New Brunswick's largest fresh water lake.

The shot comes courtesy of our great friend Megan Lannan who snapped the pic while visiting her friend's cottage.

Thanks for sharing your summer with us Ms. L - we're grateful to you!


August 13, 2011

This scene captures the adventurous spirit of my best friend in the world Janice Bisson, who by the way, was one of our first contributors here at SABS.

I was working out west one summer, so she came and stayed in my place and totally took in all that the province of  Nova Scotia had to offer - including sea kayaking in Mahone Bay.

It's her birthday today so I thought I'd post this awesome picture of her beautiful smile! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAN!!! xosb

To check out Janice's story click here


August 14, 2011

This shot was taken just yesterday on the most perfect summer evening of them all.

An impromptu swim in Chester's Lido pool* surrounded by sailboats and a sun getting ready to set.

Chatting with folks from Ontario, Delaware and DC who had travelled to this spot on the map for their vacation...and recognizing how lucky I am to call it 'home'. sb

*ps - this is the pool HAVEN star Lucas Bryant mentioned during our interview having been used in a creepy episode - clearly those were "troubled" troubles in this scene


August 15, 2011

This scene of a lovely summer's eve on Prince Edward Island comes to us courtesy of PEI's own musical marvel Tim Chaisson with the following note...

"Here's a shot from where I performed last night (in Rock Barra - up the road from where I grew up). Beautiful spot" TC

We know it well and completely agree - as we had the chance to visit there with Teresa Doyle last summer (click here for feature).

We follow Tim on Twitter @TimChaisson and he gave us the go ahead to use the shot from where he stood in Saskatchewan - he's teaching at a music camp.  My goodness, but those are some very lucky campers.

For all things Tim Chaisson including info on upcoming shows visit


August 16, 2011

This spectacular scene comes to us courtesy of our great friend Neville MacKay who captured the perfect sunset from his place here in Nova Scotia.  Just beautiful, but then you'd expect nothing less from the man who can whip up 'wonderful' in a heartbeat.

We love seeing Neville on Breakfast Television here in Atlantic Canada and hearing him on C 100 FM in Halifax, where right now there's a plan in place to get the man married once and for all! Great fun indeed and they're only a few hundred "likes" away from 'til death do us part' kind of "love".  Click here for the details.

Thanks for the picture Mr. MacKay! btw I do a spectacular "Ave Maria" sb


August 17, 2011

This great scene was sent in by our old pal A.G.MacRae who we know loves living in Nova Scotia and who can argue with the affinity when this is your view?!

A.G. captured this rainbow in St.Margaret's Bay - sure lovely to see after all the summer rain.

Thanks for sharing the shot A.G. - your rock!!!


August 18, 2011

An incredible scene was tweeted this morning by the lovely and talented actress Georgina Reilly (@georginareilly) as follows...

Who can argue?

That's an amazing view...

Which we imagine is made all the more perfect for Ms.Reilly given the other set of feet in the photo.

Those sneakers belong to her favourite NL fella, actor Mark O'Brien (@markobrienNL).


Thanks so much for sharing Georgina - give Mark a hug for us!


August 19, 2011

This scene was sent in by Ottawa based writer, actress and radio host Katherine Dines.

Katherine is back in her home province of New Brunswick and taking it all in with family and friends!

This is beautiful shot of Green's Point Lighthouse at Letete Passage first operated by keeper Samuel Craig back in 1879. For more information on this lighthouse click here.

And to follow Katherine on Twitter like we do it's @KatherineDines

Great thanks to you Ms.D - enjoy your stay!!!


August 20, 2011

This scene blew in out of nowhere...I'm sure there was some weather cast that predicted it but we were too busy enjoying a sunny summer Saturday in Chester, NS.

It looks like a wave of storminess - almost like you'd see in a movie and say..."you can tell that's CGI"...we'll they are very real and now we're in the midst of it all. Pretty incredible...

Best go batten down the hatches.


August 21, 2011

This scene was captured by SABS friend Tim Harris. While photography is a hobby - he certainly has a professional knack for it. Just check out the shots he took during his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.

This picture was taken a little closer to home and features Big Gooseberry Island and the waters of Mahone Bay - very beautiful indeed.


August 22, 2011

This scene was sent in by Illinois resident Kim Hix along with the following note...

"This photo was taken somewhere along the TCH en route back to St John’s after a spectacular day spent traveling to and from Cape St Mary’s.  You don’t travel to St John’s for the weather, but it’s days like these that help you forget all the others that are laden with RDF. 🙂  Cheers!" Kim Hix

Thanks for sending in the awesome picture Kim. It was great meeting you at The Chef's Inn - always wonderful connecting with folks who share our affinity for the Atlantic Provinces.  Look forward to the next time.


August 23, 2011

This scene comes courtesy of SABS NL shooter and great friend Melinda Boland - who was clearly up with the birds to get this shot.

Fortunate for us that she was - there's nothing like a sunrise.  This one over Witless Bay, NL.

Thanks for the awesome picture Ms. B - keep 'em coming!


August 24, 2011

Talk about postcard perfect. Blues and greens and just plain beautiful.

Captured here - Salmon Beach, NB which is located along the Acadian Trail, just about 10 minutes East of Bathurst.

Thanks to Megan Lannan for another lovely New Brunswick scene.


August 25, 2011

This scene was captured by Graphic Design Instructor,Visual Artist and Photographer - Jayme Burns

A spectacular shot of her "favourite view" in New Scotia - Inverness at the Inverness Beach Village.

Just one of many "must" experience tips she provides in her Cool People Profile - your inside scoop on where the cool people go when they are in the Atlantic Provinces.

Thanks for sharing Jayme - we're grateful to ya girl!!!


August 26, 2011

Full moons are always striking - but capturing their true beauty on film is easier said than done.

Our PEI pal and super supplier of Sea and be SCENEs of the Day Brian Watts has done a pretty great job with this one taken on July 30, 2011.

Beautiful indeed Mr. Watts - nicely done!

August 27, 2011

This picture was sent in by Anita & Gene Lewis of Jacksonville, Arkansas.  In Nova Scotia for a wedding they made sure their visit included a stop in Lunenburg, NS

Anita was born in St.John's, NL and Gene a retired Major in the US Air Force was born in Boston, MA - both have a great affinity for Canada's East Coast and we love having them visit whenever possible!

Thanks for the shot you two - come back and visit again soon!


August 28, 2011

This scene comes courtesy of Chester Business guy turned sailor Ben Wiper.  Here's a a very cool shot of Ben and crew in action - you can read all about his new found love of the sport in his essay "Rounding the Mark"

Born in Ontario - Ben came to Nova Scotia and discovered they don't call it "Canada's Ocean Playground" for nothin'

Thanks for sharing your story with us Mr. Wiper!


August 29, 2011

This scene is taken just off Cranberry Island in Shelburne County, Nova Scotia.

One of the features on Sea and be Scene is our Real Estate Sampler - we were pleased to present this private island as part of a recent profile on properties here in Nova Scotia.

Sure is an incredible spot - have a look.


August 30, 2011

This scene comes courtesy of Amy Michaels who sent this shot in with the following note...

"We loved visiting Mahone Bay this summer - we were there and of course took pictures of the quaint stores and the 3 famous churches but it wasn't until the afternoon that I noticed these houses on top of the hill - what a great view they must have of this pretty spot.  My family and I just loved our stay - we'll be back" Amy M.

Thanks for sharing Amy!


August 31, 2011

We thought we'd round out the month with a spectacular sunrise courtesy of Emily Rose (@EmilyRoseLA) - she tweeted this shot from the early morning set of hit show HAVEN on August 14th.

Production of Season 2 has wrapped here in Nova Scotia - but we're hopeful (and confident) there'll be a Season 3.  We look forward to having the cast and crew return to the South Shore.

In the meantime we're lovin' all the 'troubles' on TV - tune into Showcase Canada on Monday 11pm Atlantic to catch HAVEN or visit


Have a look at the beautiful SCENEs from the previous months by clicking on the corresponding picture


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