ALLAN HAWCO Clears Things Up

Posted: August 5, 2011

Republic of Doyle star Allan Hawco Clears Things UpHere at Sea and be Scene we celebrate the people, places and things that make the 4 Atlantic Provinces so special. One very special, and arguably the most popular, thing here on the site has been Republic of Doyle.

Since SABS launched in July of 2010 we’ve posted 44 RofD related articles (this will be 45).  We’ve been on set, chatted with the stars, profiled the performers, debated the plot line, given away free stuff and loved loved loved watching fans of the show visit our site to celebrate along with us.

Sometimes people find us directly by clicking on a story link they see on Facebook or Twitter – while other times they find us by doing a “search”. Now thanks to modern technology we can see the questions they are asking and/or the terms they are submitting that will bring them to Sea and be Scene.

Those “searches” were the subject of my latest meeting with Allan Hawco.  Given the chance to talk to the Co-Creator, Executive Producer, Head Writer, Showrunner and Star of the hit series Republic of Doyle I took the opportunity to clear up the most searched questions we’ve recorded over the past year so that we could once and for all give you the answers you’ve been searching for.

We look forward to the next year full of burning questions….keep ‘em coming PLEASE!!! SABS


Alan Doyle on set of Republic of DoyleSABS NOTE OF THANKS....

How lucky were we?  One of the biggest queries we had to be resolved involved one Alan Doyle (aka Wolf Redman) - and there he was by the trailers - so he was called into active duty to clarify.

While we can't say he did answer the question - we were grateful to have him involved and to meet his sister and niece.  Happy to meet Allan Hawco's sister too.  Our thanks to all!



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