The Pellerin Post: Closing the Season

Posted: July 11, 2011

When we first met Krystin Pellerin in St. John’s, NL last fall she told us she had the best of both worlds – with half the year at home shooting Republic of Doyle and the other half spent in Toronto with the Soulpepper Theatre Company.  So lucky are we here at Sea and be Scene - to be able to share in all that fun.

RofD - Leslie Season 2Of course we watched Season 2 of her hit series faithfully.  We watched Krystin’s character Leslie Bennett mix it up with the Mayor…and pine for the P.I. only to be left broken hearted again in the season finale….ahhhhh Jake!

As for life on the live stage – we were so fortunate to have exclusively – The Pellerin Post.  A regular report from Krystin sharing her feelings on everything Krystin Pellerin with Soulpepper Theatre 2010-2011 seasonfrom "finding focus" to "lessons learned" during her time with the theatre.  It was a lovely link to the lady who took on 3 productions this season and still found time to share her thoughts with us….cool!

But the curtain has fallen in TO and Ms. Pellerin has returned to the Republic – leaving with us now the final edition.

For this we asked her to describe how it felt when that curtain closes for the last time this season...


The Pellerin Post: Closing the Season

It has been less than two weeks since we closed Our Town, The Fantasticks and The Time of Your Life at Soulpepper Theatre and we have just started filming our third season of Doyle so I am coming down off one big chapter and beginning another all at once.

The Pellerin Post imageThis season at the theatre has left me feeling stronger than ever.

At the beginning and throughout most of the process, I wasn't entirely sure if I could pull it off but overcoming that fear did me a lot of good. It feels that with this experience, I have cut my teeth again and I have an appetite for whole new kind of work.

Repertory theatre has definitely changed me for the better. I am willing to take on a lot more, because I have learned that I'm capable of much more than I might be aware of. I am so thankful to have had the chance to learn and grow in a place I consider home and with people who are like family. 

Now I find myself returning to another family on Doyle where everything has grown even deeper - the friendships, the writing, the characters and their journeys...I'm noticing that St. John's is growing too in wonderful and surprising ways. Moving from one creative home to another is thrilling and a great comfort all at once.

It feels good to be growing up with the people who are dear to your heart. It's a beautiful time....x KP


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