SHANNON TWEED Talks about…

…Life and Family and her Homeland and Getting back to Acting with a guest starring role on Republic of Doyle

Posted: July 26, 2011

It’s not every day you can 'hang' with a superstar.

Please know – it was so completely cool for me to ‘spend the day’ with Shannon Tweed.

Well…virtually ‘spend the day’ with Shannon Tweed

Shannon Tweed with Allan Hawco on set with REPUBLIC OF DOYLEYou see - the actress and reality TV star was in St.John’s, NL to shoot an episode of Republic of Doyle and because I follow Shannon Tweed on Twitter (@shannonleetweed) and I also follow series star Allan Hawco (@allanhawco) along with many of the other cast and production team members – I felt like I was right there ‘on-set’.

With an early call time and a long shooting schedule – those tweets helped to keep me in the loop all day – whOOt whOOt!

It also happened to be a Tuesday – the day of the week that new episodes of Gene Simmons Family Jewels air on A&E (btw the show has been spectacular all season).  Well anyway, Tuesdays on Twitter - where the ‘stream’ belonging to @shannonleetweed is concerned - is bananas.  Everybody is weighing in on what they think should happen, or wondering if it really is happening, or just wanting to pass along their best wishes to the lovely lady - whOOt whOOt! whOOt whOOt!

@shannonleetweed AVATARThen, when the new episode is broadcast later that night - @shannonleetweed and sometimes @GeneSimmons will LIVE TWEET throughout the broadcast – so not only are fans reacting to the show, but they’re reacting to the show’s stars’ reaction to the show….it’s twit-astic!!

And if that’s not enough – when the show ends – my phone rings and it’s none other than Shannon Tweed herself!!! 

Shannon TweedCalling me – to talk about life and family and her homeland of Newfoundland & Labrador and of course the reason she’s in St.John’s in the first place – her getting back to acting with a guest starring role on Republic of Doyle.

I honestly couldn’t have ‘spent the day’ with anyone more generous and kind.  It was so very very cool to ‘hang out’ with Ms. Tweed.

Let’s just say – I went to bed smiling! SABS


(be sure to play the phone call above)


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