Sea and be SCENE of the Day – July 2011

Have a look at the four Atlantic Provinces as shared with us during the month of July ... 

July 1, 2011

July 2, 2011

This scene just proves that every family is looking to get out and enjoy this holiday weekend.

At times these ducks looked more like 'surfers' - but mama with kids in toe - took to the Atlantic Ocean like so many folks are doing now that summer has finally arrived.






July 3, 2011

This scene was captured just yesterday as we travelled to Stanfest.  Located on Rook Island in Chedabucto Bay between Guysborough and Canso - sits the historical  Queensport Lighthouse.

This lighthouse was built back in 1936 to replace the previous and sits alone on the small island guarding the Queensport Harbour.

For more information on lighthouses in the Atlantic Provinces visit the following...

The Nova Scotia Lighthouse Preservation Society

Lighthouses of New Brunswick

Lighthouse of Newfoundland & Labrador

Lighthouses of Prince Edward Island


July 4, 2011

This scene is a common site around the Atlantic Provinces - and no better day to display our fondness for our American friends than on this their Independence Day.

This display of patriotic partnership is one that stands proudly by The Seaside Shanty in Chester Basin, Nova Scotia - home to some of the greatest chowder you're ever going to taste - and a favourite among tourists from all over the world and residents alike.

This July 4th we send a Sea and be Scene shout out to our American summer residents, tourists in town and folks all over the United States - enjoy your day. Cheers to you!!!


July 5, 2011

This scene was just one of our favourites from yesterday (July 4, 2011).

There were so many wonderful moments during the Royal Couple's visit to Prince Edward Island - but we loved this shot, courtesy AP Associated Press - taken right after the Dragon Boat Race at Dalvay by the Sea.

It captures the fun of the moment, the over all spirit of the visit and the genuine love the Duke and Duchess have for one another.

We'll have a complete recap of the visit coming stay tuned


July 6, 2011

When we head to Burnt Cove, NL it's usually for the baked goods- but clearly this big fella had another kind of feed in mind.

This whale is 'lunge' feeding...andthat flock of seagulls hovering above is just making sure nothing gets left behind.

Really incredible shot - our thanks once again to Melinda Boland for this very cool scene.


July 7, 2011

This scene was captured at the beginning of  last year's CAVENDISH BEACH MUSIC FESTIVAL.  A beautiful evening with warm summer breezes and stellar musical performances. Sweet stuff.

The 2011 event kicks off tonight with music on the main stage from local hero Lennie Gallant, followed by Deric Ruttan, Doc Walker and Trace Adkins.  For full event details clickhere.

While our Sea and be SCENE of the day reflects the peaceful start - let's just say... things get a whole lot busier.  To give you some perspective on the popularity of the festival - here's a look at last year's record crowd.

For a longer look at the sights and sounds check out our festival report from the 2010 event.


July 8, 2011

This is the kind of scene you'll find most everyday at The Great Canadian Soap Co. in Brackley Beach, Prince Edward might say it's 'break time' for the 'employees'.

Yes indeed,  you can get up close and personal with the purveyors of that lovely goat's milk - used in the company's great products.  It's a wonderful spot to stop and load up on handmade, natural goodness. Check out our visit.

Our thanks to Em Zember and her team for this fun shot!


July 9, 2011

This scene was captured while on a 'treasure hunt'.  One of our most favourite rainy day activities is hitting the thrift stores and antique shops.  You never know what you'll find.

This is just a smidge of the selection at Blue Shutters in Nova Scotia...we're on the look out for pieces as our Porch Project continues.  While it's always great to find exactly what you're looking for - the 'searching' is so much fun!

Please do let us know if there's a great store for treasures near you.


July 10, 2011

This scene was captured 65 years ago in Chester Basin, Nova Scotia.

Yes! 65 years ago Elaine Swinimer said "I Do" to Albert Demont and so began their journey.  This weekend we celebrated their marriage along with children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, extended family and friends.

Quite a celebration!  Congratulations Aunt Elaine & Uncle Al and cheers to many more happy years!!!


July 11, 2011

This scene captures perfectly the vibrancy of summer in the Atlantic Provinces.

Everywhere you look you see splashes of colour - be sure to take a break and take it all in.

Blooming flowers and fanciful fish adorn this street light pole in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia - a truly vibrant and must see spot.

Our thanks to Peter Zwicker for sending in the bright shot.


July 12, 2011

This scene was captured while on an adventure.  "A Perfect Getaway" is a photo journal from Nancy Miller Dugas who toured Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley - discovering great wineries and great wines.

This picture was taken at Muir Murray Estate Winery - located just a few kilometres from Wolfville.

While you're here - please check out Nancy's story to see all the lovely fun and...


July 13, 2011

Let's face it there's no end of wonderful things to do and places to go on Prince Edward Island and this scene entitled "Choices Choices" gives you a few more ideas.

You've heard of  kindred spirits - well this represents another kind of spirit made famous in PEI.

Prince Edward Island Distillery is the first and only distillery using potatoes for their vodka and Myriad View Distillery makes Moonshine among other great products (all perfectly legal).

Thanks as always to Brian Watts for this fun scene!


July 14, 2011

This scene was captured just last night at dusk.

It was one of those lovely summer nights that didn't last long enough...everybody was still out and about - couples on benches watching the water, parents strolling beside children riding their bikes in pajamas, and teens were talking about the day out on this dock.

Hard to know where this summer is going...time races by all year long I guess, but sweet summer - you pass by in a blink.  No wonder everyone is squeezing out every last bit of your days.


July 15, 2011

This scene comes courtesy of  HAVEN star Eric Balfour who tweeted this shot late last.

Those smiles you see on  Balfour and co-star Emily Rose are akin to the kind you find on Christmas Eve...see, last night was "HAVEN Eve" - as Season 2 of the hit show premieres tonight (07/15/11) onSyfy and on Monday (07/18/11) on Showcase.

The cast and crew are back to work after a brief hiatus and a media blitz by these two actors.  HAVEN shoots here in Nova Scotia - part of yesterday was spent on location up 'the Old Winsor road'.

Follow Eric Balfour on twitter @EricBalfour and Emily Rose @EmilyRoseLA


July 16, 2011

This scene comes to us from Alberta boy Erick Benner and it reminded us of this could quote...

"Beauty - in projection and perceiving - is 99.9% attitude."  ~Grey Livingston

Or to put it another way - there's beauty all around us - you just have to be willing to see it.  Most everywhere you look around these Atlantic Provinces you see spectacular vistas and breathtaking scenery so we are blessed.

Shots like this one taken at Lawerencetown Beach remind us to never stop looking for it. Thanks Erick!


July 17, 2011

"That beautiful season the Summer!
Filled was the air with a dreamy and magical light;
And the landscape
Lay as if new created in all the freshness of childhood."
-  Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Thanks to Jennie Greencorn for this shot...and to her daughter Brae who's featured paddling at Prospect, NS.


July 18, 2011

This scene comes courtesy of terrific tenor and Fredericton, New Brunswick native Derrick Paul Miller.

When we asked him to sendus a shot of his homeland there was no delay - chosing this beautiful picture of one of his favourite spots - Harvey Lake at sunset.

Thanks Derrick for the lovely scene - you're right sweet!!!


July 19, 2011

This scene is all part of a plan.  With just 3 more sleeps until the Summer of Murray begins - the alFresco filmFesto Teamo are pulling out all the stops

This shot of Bill Murray aboard the Halifax Harbour Hopper is 2 parts photoshop 2 parts wishful thinking.  This week a call was made to put the movie star in various Halifax 'scenes' as part of a plan to attract him to visit the festival.  No word yet on whether it's working or not...but there's no denying he 'looks' like belongs here.

For the full scoop on the festival click here.


July 20, 2011

This SCENE was taken at Covehead Harbour in Prince Edward Island - a lovely shot of the boats and traps 'docked' for a break.

Meanwhile folks are travelling from all over the world to experience the great seafood our Altantic Provinces have to offer.

Lobster suppers are happening everywhere - check out our events pages for the province of your choice and ENJOY!!!

New Brunswick - July Events ♥    Prince Edward Island - July Events

Nova Scotia - July Events ♥    Newfoundland & Labrador - July Events


July 21, 2011

This scene is inspirational and includes one of the prettiest garages I've ever seen. I've often passed this place and thought - why not hang pictures outside too?

So, I'm going to do just that!

And I've found a great one to include in my Porch Project.  It helps when it's created with exterior paint to begin with - but there are ways to treat other types to make them more "outdoor friendly"...I'll tell you all about that in an upcoming episode.

Part 1 is on line now...Part 2, 3 & 4 will go live soon. Can't wait 'til it's all complete!!! (hopefully before winter sets in)


July 22, 2011

This scene captures not the PGA but the TSA (Team Sampson Antle) and was taken yesterday at the Frank Sampson Memorial Golf Tournament at The Lakes Golf Course in Ben Eoin Cape Breton, NS.

Team picture left to right:

Gordie Sampson, Stephen Antle, BenYoung, Patty Gillis and Howie MacDonald.

The tournament to honour Gordie's late father raises funds to support the efforts of the Big Pond Volunteer Fire Department of which Frank Sampson was the Chief.

Terry Macpherson organizes the tournament that last year raised money to purchase the Jaws of Life for the fire department and this year is on track to being their biggest fund raiser ever.

Gordie Sampson's new album Almost Beautiful drops next Tuesday, July 26th - but you can catch him live in Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia this Sunday at Granville Green.


July 23, 2011

This scene was taken during the Regatta at Quidi Vidi Lake last year...and do you know that there are only 11 more sleeps until the 2011 Royal St. John's Regatta?

Teams are in serious training mode and organizers are gearing up for the best Regatta ever.  We'll be there to capture the fun - in an all new 'Sights and Sounds' package - plus chat with a few special guests.

Make plans to be there to - the 193rd Royal St. John's Regatta Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - the finest kind of fun!

Here's a look at last year's event...192nd Royal St.John's Regatta.


July 24, 2011

This scene was filed as our latest ever edition, but so worth the wait as it features The Heartbroken (aka left to right Damhnait Doyle, Stuart Cameron, Blake Manning & Peter Fusco) right after our fun interview just a short time ago.

The band is currently on a tour of the Atlantic Provinces with a stop tonight at The Carleton in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  We've got a great feature chat on line now as well as some "Love Lessons" from The Heartbroken on the way so stay tuned for that - in the meantime check 'em out tonight in Halifax and on-line at


July 25, 2011

This scene offers a totally fresh (and laid back) perspective on life in the Atlantic Provinces.

Our good friend Jeff White @brightwhite tweeted this picture last night along with only one word - "HAMMOCK"

We use it today with courtesy and gratitude for his great shot of Hammonds Plains, NS at dusk.  Jeff we have one word for you - COOL!



July 26, 2011

This scene comes courtesy of NL Storyteller Dale Jarvis along with this note...

"This is the Anglican Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, Church Hill, in St. John's, Newfoundland and the starting point of the award-winning St. John's Haunted Hike. For the past 14 years, the guides of the Haunted Hike have been spooking tourists and locals - mixing horror, humour, and old fashioned storytelling. The Hike runs every Sunday to Thursday throughout the summer, with two different tours to tantalize and terrify!"

We here at SABS took the tour a few years back - and truthfully we're still a little bit freaked out from it.  It was totally amazing!!!

Make your plans to enjoy it too - visit



July 27, 2011

This scene is just about the sweetest thing and comes to us courtesy of our good friend Ryan MacGrath - along with this note

"Here's my friend's dog Rosie at Purcell's Pond in Halifax on a sunny summer Monday. A few of us were in need of a cool dip in the lake and some lounging on the beautiful big rocks that surround it. Purcell's Pond is probably my favourite place to swim in the city, and the little hike into it is lovely."

Great to receive this considering how busy Ryan has been lately with concerts in Nova Scotia and working on a special song for the Mental Health Foundation of  Nova Scotia (we'll have details on that coming soon).  He'll be heading to PEI & New Brunswick next month - and heading to Ontario with Laura Smith for a tour this fall.

Glad to see you're taking a break when you can Mr. MacGrath - hope you're finding some time to paint as well! THANKS Ryan (and Rosie too)!


July 28, 2011

This scene was sent in by our friend here at SABS and future author Lisa Collicutt

This amazing view was captured from the top of the Dingle tower at Sir Sandford Fleming Park in Halifax, NS.

Local residents will tell you the Dingle is in the midst of a make  over - so Lisa was kind enough to send in a picture of what it looks like underneath all that scaffolding and tarp.

Thanks Lisa - that's right sweet of you - now get back to your book

For more info on Sir Sandford Fleming Park click here


July 29, 2011

This scene was a long time coming!  With much anticipation and spectacular speculation - former Premier turned team President & CEO, Danny Williams  announced today that the new AHL franchise in Newfoundland and Labrador will be called theSt. John’s IceCaps.

This picture comes courtesy of our friends at CBC Newfoundland & Labrador via twitter @CBCNL and was taken by the truly cool Cecil Haire @cecilhaire who was at Mile One Centre for the announcement and logo unveiling this morning.

“I am so pleased to present the St. John’s IceCaps and our new logo to fans, as we begin a new era of professional hockey in the province,” said Williams. “The IceCaps is a name that I am confident hockey fans will support as it captures bothour rich hockey history witha reference to the Caps, while at the same time capturing a natural element that is iconic for the province, ice. We wanted to ensure that, although the team is based in our capital city, the province as a whole can identify with it and embrace it as their own.” Source

You can find out more information on the logo by clicking here

We’ll all have to wait until the season opener at Mile One on October 14 or the unveiling of the team jerseys….my goodness but those merch. stations will be rockin at the arena that night


July 30, 2011

This scene comes with some SFX...if you listen closely you can "feel the thunder".

The Cape Breton Bikefest is full on and rollin' July 29 - August  1with everything from drag races, to concerts and tasty BBQ's, a truly stocked vendor village and of course scheduled rides to take in all the beauty that is Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

This picture comes courtesy of Karen Filek - taken along the world famous Cabot Trail - a sweet ride indeed.  Thanks for the shot Karen!

For more info on the event visit


July 31, 2011

This scene was just one of the many beautiful settings we saw driving through Cape Breton this morning.

St. Mary of the Angels Roman Catholic Church has stood majestically in Glendale, Nova Scotia since 1946. Masses there are held through the week at 10am and on Saturdays at 7pm.

If you pass a spot that sparks your interest grab a picture and send it in.


Have a look at the beautiful SCENEs from the previous months by clicking on the corresponding picture


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