BROSNAN to star in Stephen King’s BAG OF BONES!!!

Posted: July 4th, 2011

We've removed the question and added two more exclamation marks to our title because - it's official! has former Bond man Pierce Brosnan listed as the star of  the forthcoming mini-series for Stephen King's Bag of official statement can be found from the studio or director Mick Garris announcing Brosnan for the role of Mike Noonan - and once again our call to the Halifax-based production office brought little more than the now expected 'no comment'.

As you'll recall when we first reported on the mini-series being shot here in Nova Scotia - cameras were set to roll on July 6th...that date has now been changed to August 2nd (according to Film Nova Scotia).

Our question regarding that alteration to the production schedule was met with the familiar "we can't talk about that".

So okay then.....we're still excited and hopeful that when they do get things rolling (fingers crossed) we'll be able to keep you up to date on all the Bag of Bones business leading up to the television broadcast.  The mystery continues...SABS


Posted: June 23, 2011

It’s BROSNAN – Pierce Brosnan! So say our inside sources...

Bag of Bones by Stephen KingFor weeks now we’ve wondered, called, researched and dug to solve the mystery of who will star in Stephen Kings’ much anticipated mini-series Bag of Bones…and we’re pretty sure we’ve nailed it.

Last November it was announced thatBrosnanhad signed a development deal with Sony Pictures with plans to create a 'PI' style show.  The former Bond Man would return to TV (remember Remington Steele) with a show created by ER writer/producer Jack Orman…not in the lead, but in a smaller role with Brosnan’sproduction company working together with Sony Pictures Television (source…well anyway…nothing's moving on that project – but that did form a thread for us to Sony Pictures and…

To what we learned just yesterday from our sources…

While the contracts are still being finessed - Pierce Brosnan is set to star as Mike Noonan.

Our last contact with the Halifax production office confirmed the start date for shooting in Nova Scotia slated, as originally scheduled, on July 6, 2011– BUT with the deal still to be done - we’re wondering if that start date will be affected…hmmm

And now we’re wondering who will star as Jo and Kyra and Mattie and Bill….stay tuned for more! SABS


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  4. Is this real? They were saying 7/6/11 start when they had no cast @ end of June. So much lack of credibility on schedule dates, secrecy and lack of comment makes the whole affair smell like vaporware. If the Producer can't line up the Cast, it's a Mark against The Production.

    Comment by Skeptical Steve — July 5, 2011 @ 4:56 pm

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