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Posted: June 3, 2011

“Number 8 on Top Chef - #1 in your hearts”.  Agreed!!!

Those were the last words Chef Todd Perrin spoke to his cast-mates on Top Chef Canada, but we have no doubt it’s not the last we’ll hear from the Long Pond, NL native.

We loved following his progress on the show and following his fan base grow on Twitter (@toddperrin).  You might think we here at SABS are a bit biased, what with him being the only contestant from the Atlantic Provinces and truth be told that’s what caught our eye in the beginning.  Did we love that he “infused a bit of Newfoundland into everything” that he did? Absolutely – but it was his “class act” behaviour and down to earth honesty throughout the season that had us convinced – he’s our TOP CHEF.

"I’ve been cooking professionally for about 16 years now.  Just always loved eating and food and I come from a home where my parents were avid cooks, especially Mom."   TODD PERRIN

The Season of Top Chef Canada was shot last August and September in Toronto.

Perrin has been back home where he owns and operates The Chef’s Inn B&B in downtown St. John’s since his post “Restaurant Wars” departure.

It’s our plan to pop in for an on camera visit (and perhaps a cooking lesson) sometime later this summer – in the meantime, however, we wanted to get a little more insight into the ‘poised’ Chef Perrin and some scoop on his TV time.

What follows is our Q & A, as they say, with Chef Todd Perrin

SABS: First of all - way to go!  You really were amazing and you could tell the gang was truly sorry to see you leave - did ya ever dream growing up in St. John’s and becoming a chef that you'd become a reality TV star one day? 

Top Chef CanadaTodd Perrin: Thanks so much.  It was a fun fun thing to do and the other Chefs were great.  It was really nice to see the reaction from those guys after I was eliminated.  It was really satisfying that they all enjoyed what I brought to the show.  As far as “Reality TV Star”, I am not too sure about that but thanks for saying so – I think!

SABS: So many of the competitions were really crazy - things got heated - tempers flared - harsh words were spoken - but you always remained calm and classy - how did you manage to keep your cool amidst the mayhem?

Todd Perrin: That was easier than I thought it would be to be honest.  It’s kind of who I am, now can I fly off the handle and be a cussing/stomping chef? – definitely. I just kept telling myself to remember that thousands of people would be watching, not the least of which family and friends, and how did I want them to see me? A raving cursing hot head, or a level, calm guy having fun? Pretty easy choice for me and I think that whatever success I have from the show extends from how folks see me as much it does from how they see my food.

SABS: Tons of serious names in the culinary world and beyond guested on the show - anyone in particular you were most excited to meet?  

Todd serving on Top Chef CanadaTodd Perrin: They were all very cool.  We didn’t get to interact too much with them really, just what folks saw on screen.  It was cool to get to cook for Daniel Boulud & Michael Smith and of course Chef McEwan. Chuck Hughes was great as well – Susur Lee amazing.  It was all very exciting!

SABS: Gotta be honest I would have started crying with the pressure during the first show and not stopped until the butchering episode which would have done me in completely - which challenge did you find your toughest?

Todd under pressure in a hot kitchen on Top Chef CanadaTodd Perrin: The obvious answer is the last one, since it got me eliminated! I mean they all were difficult in their own way.  I enjoyed the Quickfires a little more than the Elimination Challenges, maybe because they are really all about instinct and going by the seat of your pants – something I enjoy.  The Eliminations give you a bit more time to get into trouble, a chance to overthink and get yourself into a bad situation.  That said, Restaurant Wars was extremely tough and unfortunately I didn’t rise to the challenge that day.  Overall people should know that the whole competition is extremely difficult! Maybe more difficult than it looks on the screen.

SABS: You came up with some outstanding dishes - anything you created on the show - you're still cooking now that you're home  

Todd Perrin: The Poutine has worked its way onto some of our menus! And even though it was a bottom dish during the Quick-fire, I have been making the “Slaw” from the Susur Lee episode lot.

The man knows his way around a fish. LEFT: Todd with cast-mates on the set of Top Chef Canada RIGHT - Todd on his home shores of Newfoundland

SABS: You sure don't strike me as a fella who lives with regret - but if you did get a do-over on that dessert from the final "Restaurant Wars" episode what would you make instead? (And might I suggest the smores I saw in a twit pic a few weeks ago?!)

Todd Perrin: You are right about the no regret thing! But I do regret that dish.  Mostly because I knew even before we started serving that it was a losing dish.  I regret not trying to bang together something different in the last hour to replace the mess that I had with that dish.  What would I have made, hard to say, but if I could go back that dish would never have left the kitchen!

SABS: What was the best part of the whole experience for you?

2021_episode7- Top Chef CanadaTodd Perrin: Very easy one to answer, meeting the other chefs and all the folks involved in making the show.  I made what will hopefully be some lifelong friends! I will always remember Top Chef Canada for the great people and the fun we had. Finishing in the top 8, winning a couple of Quick-fires and one elimination challenge was all great and I am proud of that.  Not that you couldn’t have both, but if the choice was great new friends spread across the country or $100,000 I’ll take the friends.  Cash comes, cash goes but friends like I have made from Top Chef Canada will be around for a long time!


SABS Notes of Noteworthiness

Be sure to check out Todd Perrin’s Cool People Profile

For more information on Todd’s B&B visit www.thechefsinn.ca

Click here to see Todd in action on The Food Network’s Top Chef Canada

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  1. I thought Todd Perrin was an amazing contestant on the show Top Chef Canada. He was never mean or rude to any of the other chefs, and he always maintained his composure. He was cool and collected, and I admire him for that, considering it seems like a very stressful situation! He seemed like a very genuinely kind person and he had a lot of respect for everyone. He seemed grateful for the opportunity to be on the show, and he was very happy to meet all the people he did. I love how he is so thankful, down-to-earth, and how he touched a lot of people's hearts. I will always see him as a Top Chef 🙂

    Comment by Josie — December 27, 2011 @ 1:46 am

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