HAVEN Star Lucas Bryant – “Past, Present, Future & Fate”

Posted: June 13, 2011

HAVEN Season 1 - 3picsTo say that Nathan Wuornos is a 'troubled' character - might be a bit of an understatement.  HAVEN’s hunky lawman spent season one fighting off every kind of trouble, all the while dealing with the inner torment of feeling nothing and knowing there are a million mysteries to be solved in his seemingly possessed jurisdiction, not the least of which is the heritage of his lovely partner FBI Agent Audrey Parker

Yes, we’re simplifying, but suffice it to say the first season of HAVEN had us on the edge of our seat from the get go and, in the end, left us dangling in mystery… AND definitely wanting for more!

Good thing then that the series was renewed – and great for us that series star Lucas Bryant took a break from the action packed schedule of shooting to chat about his character Nathan, discuss what’s up with Emily Rose’s character Audrey and so much more.

What follows is our Q & A, as they say, conducted via telephone with the truly charming and infinitely warmer than the character he plays – Lucas Bryant


SABS: At Sea and be Scene we celebrate the 4 Atlantic Provinces and we’re so thrilled to have you back for a second season – how do you find working here in Nova Scotia?

Emily Rose & Lucas Bryant HAVENLucas Bryant: Totally brilliant – I love it. It’s right up my alley.  I’m from a small town in Ontario – so I can get down with the slow pace of Chester.  The people are hugely friendly. Especially this year – they’ve made it really clear that they welcome us and love having us here. So that’s been amazing to feel embraced by the community.

SABS: I find it really trippy – I watch the show, see the locations and it’s right where I live, so I find I’m out for a coffee or something and I'm wondering – could this be the next spot for a big crack.  Are (locals) people stopping you and asking what’s gonna happen next?

Lucas Bryant: Yeah they do – everyday – they’re wondering when the weirdness is going to happen in their backyard. We shot last year – you remember – when we had some boiling kids in the Lido Pool – that was a very public set and everyone got to come and hang out and ‘watch them boil’ – and people are looking for the next chance to hang out and watch some madness take place.

SABS: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a season finale where there was such tremendous revelation – and your character Nathan – I mean - wow – I was thinking what more could happen to this poor fella?!

Lucas Bryant: I know what a day - right?!

SABS: You lost 2 Dads in one Day – and then you find out Audrey’s not even Audrey…

HAVEN Emily Rose as Audrey ParkerLucas Bryant: Yeah – she doesn’t even know who the heck she is. (At the) Beginning of the second season we go right back into that story where we left off…is she an impostor? Is that other lady an impostor?  And that story takes a couple of episodes to conclude and even then when it does - it spins her in a completely new direction – so there isn’t any conclusion to her personal mystery…yet….I hope there won’t be until season 10.

SABS: Exactly and that’s what we hope for.  You know, this is a funny show!  I know it’s mysterious and quirky, and it’s a crazy town – but you always have these brilliant reactions.  You just sort of let it roll and that’s your character and I love it – but there are some really funny lines and you have to react so straight – is that tough? Are there a lot of crack ups on the set?

Lucas Bryant: There is a lot of losin’ it on set – especially this season.  I think Emily and I are much less concerned about getting it right and we’re having more fun with each other – we’re not as nervous now that we have a second season. Especially in the first couple episodes - we were just saying the other day – the blooper reel of outtakes could take up hours and hours. That’s a great part of every day.

SABS: I know you had time off between Season 1 and 2 and you actually shot a movie – The Vow with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum. How was that?

Lucas Bryant in "The Vow" starring Rachel McAdams & Channing TatumLucas Bryant: That was amazing! Yeah, I did that at the end of last season in Toronto and it was wild to go from shooting a TV show which is so fast – where we shoot like 12 pages a day to shooting a movie where they take their time and shoot maybe a page and a half a day so we could work all day on one scene – it felt like quite a luxury after the rush of making television. So that was really cool and everyone on that set was lovely. (see link trailer below)

SABS: Here's a quote I love “there’s no such thing as chance and what seems to us the merest coincidence springs from the deepest source of destiny” – what do you think about that?

Actors (L to R) Lucas Bryant, Emily Rose and Eric Balfour attend "Haven" photocall on September 27, 2010 in Madrid, Spain. September 26, 2010 - Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images EuropeLucas Bryant: I think it must be spot on! When I came to HAVEN – turned out that years before I had met Eric Balfour. Years before I had also met Emily Rose. Years before I had also met Adam Kane who ended up being the director of the pilot and years before I had also met Noreen Halpern who is one of our Executive Producers at E One and all of those chance meetings seem like little coincidences that came together to give me this big bright future.

SABS: Wow – that’s amazing – I was asking you about that because so many of HAVEN's stories are based on that foundation – but wow…so you’re a big believer in fate?

Lucas Bryant: Well Yeah! I mean – I guess I have to be now.



Pick up the complete first season of HAVEN on DVD in stores Tomorrow June 14, 2011


Tune in for the Premiere of Season 2 on Syfy Friday, July 15th and on Showcase Canada Monday, July 18th


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