HAVEN Happenings: Cristian de la Fuente Coming to Town

Posted: June 8, 2011

Cristian de la Fuente on Private Practice & DWTSYou know that face – yes that Private Practice’s - Dr. Eric Rodriguez

You know that physique – yes that’s Cheryl Burke’s Dancing With the Stars partner.

With the Hollywood Reporter as our fine source - we can announce that fine package actor - Cristian de la Fuente has been booked for a guest spot on HAVEN

The word is he "will play Cornell, a straight-laced, conservative, mild-mannered banker who is hiding a double life."

As if things weren’t hunky enough... De la Fuente joins the lovely list of guest stars Jason Priestley and WWE’s Edge, and let’s not forget series regulars Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour.  My goodness what a summer!

Speaking of which – shooting continues along the Nova Scotia’s south shore this week – with locations along Route 329…if you just happen to be out for a drive.

The first eposide of the second season will air July 15thon Syfy and July 18th on Showcase Canada.

Haven DVD And don’t forget if you’re looking to hold onto HAVEN’s first season the DVD is set for release next Tuesday June 14th.

Stand by for our feature interview with star Lucas Bryant and of course for more HAVEN Happenings! SABS




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