Sea and be SCENE of the Day – MAY 2011

Have a look at the four Atlantic Provinces as shared with us during the month of May... 

May 1, 2011

This SCENE comes courtesy of full time teacher, part-time actor, and recognized Hero A.G. MacRae (also a great friend and fine contributor to Sea and be Scene).

Going above and beyond again with this lovely picture of a stunning sunrise on St. Maragaret's Bay, Nova Scotia.

Can't beat it!  Thanks Mr. MacRae.


May 2, 2011

On this the day of Canada's Federal election our scene captures what will hopefully be the 'calm before the storm' at the voting station in Chester, Nova Scotia.

St. Stephen's Anglican Parish Hall sits waiting to welcome all registered voters - note, St. Augustine's Catholic Church in the background offering it's blessings too.

We are indeed a very fortunate nation - with the freedom to have our say. Don't forget to vote today!!!


May 3, 2011

This SCENE is entitled "With Hopeful Heart".  That could be interpreted any number of ways given the shot, but I was there so I'll tell you that all my daughter was hoping for at that moment was some really warm beach weather, a bucket and a shovel!  Can't blame her really.

Taken this past Sunday on a rather damp and chilly May Day at Hubbards Beach, NS.  We still had a good time of it - running around and we did have the place to


May 4, 2011

This SCENE...comes to us from our good friend Angela Kitching with the following note

"This picture was taken last summer by my husband Martin Kitching.   It was early evening as we were eating at Sheila's Canteen that night after we all arrived home from work.

The lillies and lillypads at are at Bayswater, but not the beach... they're in the lake. What a lovely evening it was."

Very pretty Angela...great scene and now you've got us thinking about Sheila's chip truck - can't wait for summer!!! ;o)

Thanks for sharing.


May 5, 2011

This scene comes from our wonderful source of awesome Atlantic Canada shot - Judith Weber from Germany.

This picture is no exception - capturing the beautiful and awe inspiring Hopewell Rocks.  Judith tells us that this shot was taken just as the sun came out following a very heavy rain. It's lovely.

No doubt this is just one of many pictures we'll receive that feature New Brunswick'smost photographed spot.  Hopewell Rocks Park Season is set to start May 20th, this year  and people from all over the world will come to see - the shifting tides and "experience the wonder of nature as 100-billion tonnes of salt-water slowly fills the Bay of Fundy.  These are the highest tides in the world. And they happen twice a day....every day."  For more on the park visit

Thanks for this great picture Judy (keep 'em coming! please)


May 6, 2011

This scene arrived in our inbox yesterday on what has seemed like the umpteenth rainy day here in Nova Scotia.  Sent by Amy Reid - we saw it as the perfect spring time reminder that "at least all this rain isn't snow".

Her husband Jay took this shot this past winter at Hubbards Cove - down by St. Lukes Church.  It certainly is lovely - and perfectly timed ;o)

Thanks Amy!


May 7, 2011

This scene was captured last summer on Prince Edward Island.

I remember we stopped the car and went back to take this picture and I remember thinking how pretty it was and how while there is such a place as Justanother Farm - there really is no such thing as 'just another farm'.

So on this weekend when so many of our local growers will be bringing there produce to the fantastic farmers markets across Atlantic Canada...

We at Sea and be Scene want to salute you and THANK YOU!!!


May 8, 2011

The lady in this scene is my MOM!!! This picture was taken back in the day.  Margaret Fleming, about 13 or 14 years old in the family yard in Bay Bulls, NL.

I've always loved this picture of my Mom - she was telling me just last night how much she loved that dress.  I love the spirit she shows - like she's poised to get at it...I like to think I inherited that trait from her.  "You can do anything you decide to do" and "If you're going to do something - do it well"  There's some solid advice.

You might not know it to look at her but she's a lovely singer, great cook, amazing actress, player of softball, golf and hockey...and she's the greatest Mom ever!

Happy Mother's Day to you Mom and to all the Mothers out there - enjoy your special day. sb


May 9, 2011

This scene comes courtesy of Eric Wagner and the Lobster Guys from Prince Edward Island.  'Tis the season - so they're up and at it early.  You've gotta love that!

Thanks for sharing Eric and we'll look forward to your catch!


May 10, 2011

This scene was captured just last evening in Holyrood, NL.

The Kennedy's Lane Cemetery in the foreground and George's Cove Mountain, with it's distinctive cross, rising up  in the back.

You can't miss that cross as you come into the town - especially at night when it's lit up.

I've got the only room in the house with a clear view of that cross - makes drifting off to dreams a sweeter thing. sb


May 11, 2011

This lovely scene was sent in by Gary Quillan along with the following note...

"This is a photo of my wife Debbie and our dog Shadow, taken last August on the beach in front of our cottage in Marshville Pictou County, NS.

The sunset is no charge, night after night."  Gary Q

That sure is beautiful Gary - you sure are lucky!  Thanks for sharing.


May 12, 2011

This scene captures the true dedication and spirit of the Roebothan McKay Marshall Senior Ladies Team who have already started their training for  The Royal St. John’s Regatta.

It was very cold down at Quidi Vidi Lake in St.John’s, NL last night and the girls were the only crew there to do their thing.  Bless their hearts.

Those smiling rowers from front to back are:Jennifer Carroll, Krista Carew, Beth Davis, Meghan Dalton, Kerri-Ann Evely and Alison Jones, and in the role of coxswain & photographer Gord Delaney.

You can catch this crew practicing morning and night 6 days a week now – leading up to the big event scheduled for Wednesday,August 3rd.

Row on ladies – you rock!!! You too Gord & thanks for the picture.


May 13, 2011

This scene was captured on a lovely summer day in Winsloe, Prince Edward Island.  The red sands, the tall green grass, the shimmering ocean - it's postcard perfect for sure.

Taken during out stay at Windsong Farm B & B - during a wonderful walk around their property.

Hands up - who's ready for some summer sunshine?!


May 14, 2011

This picture comes to us courtesy of Dot Vallillee and what a wonderful scene it is.

This picture was taken last summer in Digby, Nova Scotia - but as more and more boats start to fill in the harbours around our 4 Atlantic Provinces - this picture serves as a lovely glimpse into the season ahead.

Thanks for sharing the shot Dot!


May 15, 2011

This SCENE captures the beautiful Notre-Dame-de-Lourdes Church, in Memramcook, New Brunswick.

Taken at twilight and sent to us by brilliant musicians Dominique Dupuis & Danny Bourgeois as part of theirwedding story.

It's picture perfect for this Sunday. Thanks again to the lovely couple for sharing their special day.


May 16, 2011

This scene captures an incredible shot of Cape St. Mary's Bird Ecology Reserve.  It was sent in by our good friend Melinda Boland along with the following note...

"My friends and I from the boat tour company (Gatheralls) took a random trip around the Cape shore loop last year and got this snap.  These birds are Northern Gannets, they have white bodies with black wing tips and beautiful golden heads...when they fly over the ocean they glide ever so was a day to remember" MB

Unbelievable stuff - thanks again Melinda for sharing the shot!


May 17, 2011

This scene features a place very near and dear to us here at Sea and be Scene - Gold River, Nova Scotia.  Yes - it's a "blink and you miss it" kind of spot along 'old Hwy #3' but the memories it holds are miles beyond mammoth.  Gram (Hilda Swinimer) lived there andher folks before her. 

Back in the day - almost every other weekend we'd make the trek from Yarmouth to visit with family, eat home made fudge and have fun.  Still have family there so we see it often or just drive through on the way to Mahone Bay from Chester and...when the sun is shining on that ocean - well you'd swear there really was gold in those waters. sb


May 18, 2011

How's this for a scene?!  It was captured by our good friend and fantastic photographer Paddy Barry.

A lifetime resident of St.John’s, Paddy has just moved to Fogo Island NL and, as the story goes, has fallen in love with the spot.  Who can blame him? Check out this beautiful shot of Joe Batt’s Arm on a early morning in May – can’t beat it!

Thanks for this Paddy – we’ll look forward to regular instalments of stellar shots from JBA  :o)


May 19, 2011

Today's scene shows us the fun that we could have if we followed the advice of our friend David Myles.  In his Artist PLAY List the ECMA winner suggests the next time we’re in Fredericton, NB we should rent a boat at the Small Crafts Aquatic Centre and enjoy the Saint John River. Certainly looks like fun.

Many thanks to the good folks at Fredericton Tourism for sharing this shot of some early morning rowers - great stuff.


May 20, 2011

This scene is one of my favourites for sure and not just because my daughter is in it, but because it captures the beauty of new found friendship and the loveliness of a summer evening in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

It's also a great reminder, in these busy days, to take some time to sit a while and take in the beauty around us.

This picture was taken at the Garden Cabins in Sydney Forksand appeared on SABS as part of the wonderful wedding story "East & West Unites on Cape Breton" Be sure to check that out while you're here.  sb


May 21, 2011

This scene of the day features the shimmering summer waters on a hazy hot evening walk around Marvin's Island, Nova Scotia.

As the rains continue to fall 'round the region it's great to remember we've got these days to look forward's that for positive thinking?!


May 22, 2011

This is a shot I have loved for a long time.

Our good friend Kelley Edwards (faithful contributor to the Sea and SCENE of the Day) took this shot a while back, but it's one that has stayed with me since I first saw it. It reminds me of an album cover, or book jacket, or movie marquee shot - and more than anything it seemed crazy appropriate in lieu of all this weather we've been having.

Now I know you're saying "But SABS that scene is inside!" - and you're right - our hope with this feature is to show the beauty that surrounds us in these 4 Atlantic Provinces, but this picture captures beautifully our recent vantage point - to perfection.

BTW - the shot was taken inside Halifax's cool coffee spot - The Wired Monk....mmmmm coffee! Thanks again Ms. Edwards.


May 23, 2011

This scene certainly takes ocean side living to the next level!

These sweet little houses certainly catch your eye as you drive through Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia.

Imagine enjoying all the beauty of summer in a seaside town...

with NO lawn to mow - cool!


May 24, 2011

This scene was sent to us from Megan Lannan - who has captured a true blue sky day in the Picture Province.

Blossoms abound in Fredericton's Angelview Park and it's so lovely to see that May sunshine in New Brunswick.

Thanks for sharing the shot Megan - we're grateful to you!


May 25, 2011

This picture captures Western Shore, Nova Scotia back in the day.  It also includes a very special man - Raymond Sawler who today celebrates his80th amazing year on this planet.

We certainly do salute you Mr. Sawler and look forward to hoisting a pint in your honour at the Gold River Social Club!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Uncle Raymond!!!


May 26, 2011

This scene was supplied by our newest addition to the Cool People Profiles -

Lesley-Ann Campbell.  She's captured one of her favourite views in Atlantic Canada - that's Bonavista, NL.  Hard to argue when you look at it.

Even Italian explorer Giovani Caboto (aka John Cabot) declared it a "happy site" back on June 24th, 1497.  He might have exclaimed "O Buona Vista" because of it's beauty or maybe he was just thrilled to see any kind of land after two months at sea - why split hairs.

History tells us this marked the discovery of modern North America - and the existance of this New Found Land.

Thank you for sharing the shot Lesley-Ann - we are grateful!


May 27, 2011

This scene was sent to us from Author Jo Ann Yhard along with the following note...

"This is Brier Island, Nova Scotia taken in September 2008.  An amazing place, where the whale watching is spectacular! My husband James and I spent the weekend there, and I fell in love with it. It became the setting of my newest book for young readers, "Lost on Brier Island", just released. The publisher liked it so much, they used it in the design of the book cover." J

You can be there for the book launch of

"Lost on Brier Island"

This Saturday, May 28th  in Chapters Bayer’s Lake, NS  from 2pm-4pm

Thanks for sharing the shot Jo Ann and congratulations on your book!


May 28, 2011

This picture captures the springtime apple blossoms in South Berwick, Nova Scotia - a really lovely part of the province indeed.  Located in the Annapolis Valley where they are celebrating season big time.

The 79th Annual Apple Blossom Festival continues this weekend with parades, helicopter rides, concerts, art shows and much more.  For a complete list of all the great activities and events just click here.

Hope you’ll be able to get there to enjoy this SCENE first hand.


May 29, 2011

Today's scene gives you just a smidge of Marriott's Cove, Nova Scotia - a lovely little community of seasonal visitors and year round dwellers.

Wonderful to see the boats are back in the water - most of the residents have their own docks to take to the sea when the winds call.


May 30, 2011

This picture was sent in by Brian Watts - a good friend and big supporter of Sea and be Scene.

Living in Prince Edward Island there's no shortage of lovely scenes that surround him - case in point this great shot he took on Grand Tracadie Beach complete with a fishing boat on the move.

Thanks for sharing the shot Mr. Watts - we're grateful to you!


May 31, 2011

This scene...well...let's just say it caught our attention - and that's the goal for the next little while in Chester Basin, Nova Scotia.  We just happened to be driving through during the 'installation' this past Saturday and got the scoop.  It's all part of...

"Bras Across the Basin - a fund raiser for the Run for the Cure put on by Sandra’s Strollers, a local Run for the Cure team.  Team member Tammy Smith suggested the team borrow the idea from Bras Across the Bridge which takes place annually in Halifax. Donated bras have been sponsored by local businesses and individuals at a rate of $1 per bra. On June 5th Sandra’s Strollers will host their annual health fair at the Chester Basin Legion.  This year is special because it celebrates the team’s inspiration, Sandra Countway’s five years since breast surgery!  There will be many health and wellness exhibits, guest speakers, entertainment, a penny auction, food and fun for men and women.  Doors open at noon and the event kicks off at 1pm.  No admission fee.  Donations may be made to the Run for the Cure if you wish."

If you can - please attend and lend your support...get it? Support?!


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