Princesses Assessment with a Hopeful Heart

Posted: May 13, 2011

(3 weeks since the Royal Wedding and it seems like only yesterday)

I loved the Royal Wedding…I mean LOVED it!

Charles and DianaI was up at the crack of dawn for the wedding of Charles and Diana – and I watched it all day long. I remember my brother and my dad, and my uncle Gene who was visiting at the time, periodically drifting in and out of the family room saying things like “you’re still watching that?!” and “isn’t that the same footage they’ve been running all day?!” – I didn’t care – it was incredible.

Needless to say – thirty years later (good God typing that seems unreal)…I was up and in front of the TV for the wedding of their son Prince William to the lovely Kate…now Princess Catherine or rather the Duchess of Cambridge…but that’s not going to work for this blog…so back to Princess Catherine (I mean that’s what Prince William Duke of Cambridge wants her to be called anyway)….okay where were we? 

Royal-Wedding-England-Prince-William-and-Catherine-on-leaving-Westminster-Abbey-LondonOh yes – I was up to watch at 5am and so was my 4 year old daughter.  She normally wakes at 7am but for some reason the day of the wedding, like some genetically implanted alarm clock/radar that senses “princess activity” she awoke  at 4:56am with enough time to wake me and get in on the viewing.

Yes those tweets were true.  We did buy a cake and we had on our best pj’s and for all intents and purposes it was indeed a ‘bank holiday’ in our house.  No preschool, the SABS corporate headquarters set to ‘cruise’…we were perfectly poised to enjoy the wedding of the century for the entire day.

And it was perfect – she was beyond beautiful – the whole thing was lovely and more than anything HOPEFUL. 

I write that word “HOPEFUL” and you’ll imagine I’m speaking to the future of the Royal Family – think I’m saying the British Monarchy has had a rebirth…true.  But more than that I am HOPEFUL for what little girls will think of when someone says “Princess”.

Cinderella Ate My DaughterEverywhere you look in my house there is something princess-y…from toys to play dresses, from crowns to books to DVDs.  It’s staggering when you start to take inventory.  Which by the way I never did until I was listening to a talk show one day and heard an interview with author Peggy Orenstein who had written a book “Cinderella Ate My Daughter”.  I’m not about to post the Coles Notes on this interesting read – suffice it to say it had me worried.  And for a person who’s in a constant state of panic and prayer – I wasn’t looking for any more worry so I didn't get beyond her words on the radio.  But it made me stop and access the proliferation of princess paraphernalia in the place and more over what kind of message was it sending to my little girl.

But back to the wedding day and HOPE.

Kate-William-CarriageMore than a few times during the broadcast – my daughter said “I would like to be her Mama” to which I replied “Why?”…and her response was always “because then I could be a Princess” – except for the time when she said “cause I could ride to school in a horse drawn carriage”…sweet but not related to my point so back to her “because then I could be a Princess” answer and where my hopefulness comes in…

Princess CatherineThis princess – Princess Catherine is smart (university educated) and kind and fun loving and clearly marrying someone she loves after a great deal of time spent making sure that he was someone she should/could spend the rest of her life with.  She is well travelled and well spoken, has a good family and dear friends.  Yes she is beautiful – but healthy too and while I only know what I saw that day and in the days leading up to it – she seems to ‘have her game on’.

Disney-CinderellaThat Princess is far more impressive than poor Cinderella, who let’s face it didn’t have a shot at going to post-secondary education, never got out much and married the first man that paid any attention to her.  I’m simplifying but still.  Bless her heart.

The new and improved Princess gives me hope.  While Catherine most likely grew up pretending to be a princess she probably never dreamed she would be and now she is. 

She most likely never imagined she’d become a role model for little girls and big girls too – and yet she is - and I believe a great one.

Yes, on the day of the Royal Wedding – Kate took a little smidge of pressure off the panicked Mom’s like me who were starting to think playing princess wasn’t such a good thing – play on I say…

Now if Prince William and Princess Catherine - the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, had a son and he went to Oxford and somehow my daughter went to Oxford and then they somehow ended up in the same classes…well is there a chance that I could somehow be a Duchess too one day.  Would we have to move to England? I've got some time to work it all out. sb


Royally WrongMy first blog shout out to our Kula girl Sylvia Creamer who’s blog “This Has to Stop” deals with the fake ‘photo’ – you go girl!

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