Mark O’Brien on “Kathy”

Posted: May 2, 2011

Back in mid-February we learned that one of our favourite NL fella’s was making a movieMark O’Brien (aka Des Courtney on Republic of Doyle) was set to direct Kathy - an independent film about a teen queen from St. John’s

Well filming is now complete and in the midst of post-production we caught up to the man himself earlier today for the latest in his directorial life…and then some.

What follows is our Q & A as they say with Mr. Mark O’Brien…

SABS: are you?

MARK O’BRIEN: I'm great! I couldn't be happier. It's been a busy couple months and it's just gonna get busier. Although, I have had to deal with horrible heartbreak lately. My beloved Habs have been knocked out of the playoffs, which has left me confused and bitter. 

SABS: Moving from acting to directing - how did it feel behind the camera?

MARK O’BRIEN: It was one of the best experiences of my entire life. I've directed before, but never with a crew this size so it was much more invigorating and exciting. And the crew were incredible. The whole experience really helped me to appreciate everyone's job on a set. What a hard working group. But I felt very comfortable and at home. I wish I could direct a film montreal-canadiens-logoeveryday....and then go home and the Habs still be in the playoffs 

SABS: Did you get what you needed?

MARK O’BRIEN: We had to drop a few shots and scenes. But it was no big deal. I figured that might happen as this was a very very ambitious short film. But the young actors in the film were phenomenal, as was the camera department, led by the immensely talented John and Ian Vatcher. But sometimes, things just don't work out as planned. Like one scene, where the actors are driving down the road and the car wouldn't start so the crew had to push it from behind, then push it back and do it again. And then I have to keep asking, "Can we just get one more?"...and then 'one more' turned into '15 more.'

SABS: What's next in the 'movie making process'?

Mick Davis of the NovaksMARK O’BRIEN: We're already editing and we're very pleased with what we have. So we're cutting it all together now and Mick Davis from The Novaks is composing the score and it should be all finished in the next few months. 

SABS: When can we see "Kathy"?

MARK O’BRIEN: We're going to start submitting to festivals very soon, so hopefully it'll get accepted to all of them!!!! And if not, we'll just cry and have a private screening in my mudder's basement. 

SABS:  While we have you....What happens next?....does Tinny come back? Will you follow her around the world?  Will you fall in love with someone else? Will it be Doyle & Courtney Investigators...give us something - anything!!!"   

 Tinny & Des - Republic of DoyleMARK O’BRIEN: I honestly have no idea what's gonna happen. I haven't seen any scripts yet. I'm dying to know myself. I'm actually planning on breaking into Hawco's house tonight and stealing a few early scripts. So get at me in the next couple days and you can have a sneak peak.....or post my bail. 


run mark! run!That's a risk we’re willing for you to take…keep us posted.  Good luck – with everything and thanks Mark – you’re the best!!! SABS


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