Posted: May 25, 2011

I love Oprah!

oprah winfreyI do and for the last 25 years... I have been watching.  Truth be told those first 2 or 3 years only my mom watching and saying to me – “you should be watching this show”…and so I did and have done as often as I could for the more than two decades that followed.

25 years – that’s a long time to have done anything. And on this day it will come to an end.* 

I’ve gotta be honest I’m sad. 

Now that’ll sound crazy to a lot of folks – but I have to believe there are more than a few people who are with me on this emotion.  ‘Cause if you spend at least an hour a day with someone for 20 plus years and they say…they’re going away…well - it leaves a space in your life to say the least.

You can’t deny her impact since she started – giving voice to so many people on issues where they felt completely alone, sending hundreds of thousands of children to school, encouraging reading and community and charitable works – she has been an incredibly positive influence on society.  And how about the 'Oprah effect' – everything from box office draws to book and record sales – you name it – if it was on Oprah it was sure to see a spike.  Of course that’ll happen when you’re seen on a show that’s watched by 42 million people each week in just the United States alone.  

tom-cruise-oprah-winfrey She’s impacted our conversations too. I would hazard a guess that if you haven’t said it at least once in the last quarter century you’ve heard “I saw it on Oprah” many many times. I know I’ve said “I don’t mean to get all Oprah on ya…” at least a dozen times on this site alone.  Even Country Recording artist Jason McCoy offered to jump on the sofa in our interview so we could go viral.

Oprah 20th Anniversary Box SetNow clearly the woman is not leaving the planet – we can watch what we missed this season in when it rebroadcasts starting tomorrow right up until the program is removed from the daytime line up September 10th, 2011 – and of course there’s OWN (love Master Class BTW) and the magazine will still be on stands for continued reading pleasure – I can even pull out my 20th Anniversary Box Set, but it won’t be the same…

Yes for me there has been a bitter sweetness to this season and with each episode leading up to today – there’s been a knot in my stomach that’s been getting bigger and bigger.

I’ve loved watching the taped salutes from folks like Diane Sawyer and Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman – because they’re saying what I feel…that we’ve grown up with Oprah, learned from Oprah, been inspired and entertained by Oprah – she has been a teacher and a friend.  I forget who said it but… “Did you see Oprah today?” is a sentence that we won’t be able to say anymore – WOW.

And I’m not afraid to say I have cried a lot on these farewell episodes and truth be told – I’ve cried a river or more over the years.

oprahHeck her ‘favourite things’ shows are the happiest hour on TV and I’m a weeping heap from start to finish. And perhaps my biggest water works display (and maybe Oprah’s too) happened during her second last show (05/24/11) when the unbelievable Tony award winning phenom Kristen Chenoweth sang "For Good" from the musical Wickedand all the men who have received Oprah's scholarship at Morehouse College came walking up on stage with the candles – forget about it….and yes, I’ll be write off today for sure. 

I guess Oscar winner Tom Hanks said it best in his taped message…

"Oprah, we are going to miss you, although you're not going anywhere. It's like you're moving out of the neighbourhood. You've been down in that house on the corner for all these years. We've been able to stop by. You had great parties, and now you're leaving the neighbourhood. Quite frankly, the street's not gonna be the same without Oprah Winfrey. Love you, girl."

Amen to that and thank you for everything Ms. Oprah Winfrey.

I have been changed for goodsb


Oprah Last Show - May 25, 2011Oprah and The Oprah Winfrey Show have received 48 Daytime Emmy Awards®, including the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998. The Oprah Winfrey Show has remained the number one talk show for 23 consecutive seasons.


 *Final broadcast of the Oprah show will air September 9, 2011 complete statement

If you want to see what you’ve been missing visit www.oprah.com


  1. I couldn't have said it better myself. There aren't many times when we can truly say it's the end of an era (Carson, Cronkite), but today is definitely one of those days.

    I'll bet--after some time has passed--we'll see her do a show of some sort on OWN. It may just be weekly, or occasional, but I don't see her leaving the genre entirely. Even so, she's leaving a big void on the TV schedule. Cheers to Oprah!

    Comment by TV Gord — May 25, 2011 @ 11:02 am

  2. Oprah Winfrey is expected to have a new show I think one day per week on OWN: Canada

    Comment by Brian Rodgers — May 26, 2011 @ 5:07 pm

  3. I hope so that would be great!

    Comment by sbeaumont — May 26, 2011 @ 8:01 pm

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