HAVEN Happenings – Series Taking on an Edge

Posted: May 6, 2011

Yup!  That was him – you many have indeed spotted WWE Superstar EDGE aka Adam Copeland out and about in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia today.

WWE Edge - Adam CopelandHe’s in town to take on HAVEN and the guest starring role of Dwight Hendrickson; "a shrewd, longtime HAVEN resident, Dwight served as a confidant to Nathan’s (Lucas Bryant) late father and assisted the former sheriff in keeping particularly suspicious supernatural activity under wraps. Now as acting Sheriff of HAVEN, Nathan finds himself reaching out to Dwight just as his father did before him."

Copeland is no rookie in the acting arena having appeared in Highlander: Endgame and Amanda Tapping's Sanctuary.

SABS is still on the look out for Jason Priestley who has yet to begin his 4 episode stint on the hit Syfy/Showcase Canada series.  We’ll keep you posted there...

HAVEN-Syfy stars Emily Rose & Lucas BryantAnd while we can’t confirm which episode – we can say the plans are in the works for a “festive” style shoot at some point this summer.  Just hoping nothing hinky happens to Santa…but then again in HAVEN you never can tell. SABS

Season 2 of HAVEN premieres - July 15th

Get caught up on-line with all the episodes from Season 1    


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