#FFF (Friday’s Favourite Four) with Damhnait Doyle

Posted: May 27, 2011

Time for a fun new feature that will take the #FF one 'F' further...and truth be told shake up the popular acronym in our own direction.

The Sea and be Scene #FFF will be your weekly chance to discover the four favourites of your favourite East Coast folks.

The four questions will always stay the same...only the folks will change.

This week features one of the coolest ladies around. She's performed as a solo artist, as a member of the band Shaye and now rocks it with her new band The Heartbroken. Born in Labrador City, NL - she is singer songwriter Damhnait Doyle.

Thanks very much Ms. Doyle for your edition of the #FFF (Friday's Favourite Four)...

In the skin of a lion by Michael Ondaatje

patty griffin - flaming red

dd favourite food

dd dinner sedaris & fey


DAMHNAIT DOYLEFor more on Damhnait Doyle check out Love Lessons With the Heartbroken,Hanging with The Heartbroken, The Heartbroken, Housewives & Home, INsights IN 10, Artist PLAY List, #FFF Friday's Favourite Four

For everything else visit www.theheartbroken.com





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