Erin Lannan – No Place Like Home in New Brunswick

Occupation: Broadcast Event Specialist, Shopify

Place of Birth: Miramichi NB

Currently Resides: Ottawa ON

Where’s your favourite place in NB to grab a coffee?

Tim Hortons…any of the 6 locations

Where’s your favourite place in NB to grab a pint?

Black Horse Tavern, it is my understanding that this was the second establishment to be licensed in NB. But who knows?  My grandfather was a client, my father, now me.  The bartender knows you by name, who your family is and what part of town you’re from.  Jukebox in the corner, coin operated pool tables and there is always beef jerky and pickled eggs on the bar.  Although, since moving from Miramichi they’ve opened up a new little pub that I like too

Where’s your favourite place to shop in NB?

Well Miramichi doesn’t leave you with many areas to shop so when we wanted to go on a spree we always hit up Champlain Place in Moncton.  But if you’re looking for tasty treats or odds and sods a visit to the Fredericton Farmers Market is a must.

Where in New Brunswick would we stand to see your favourite view?

2 places.  At one of the highest points along the advanced walking trails of the French Fort Cove….in “Chatham” along the water for a view of the Centennial Bridge.

Name 3 things I’ve gotta do when I visit New Brunswick

1. Tube down the Miramichi River :

2. Stroll, Hike or canoe the French Fort Cove.  But look out it’s said to be haunted by the Headless nun.  Little known fact…I played the headless nun in when the cove was featured by ATV’s Bill Jessome for an episode of Maritime Mysteries back in my High school days:

3. Visit Ritchie’s Wharf – great for the families with a playground for the kids. Watch the stir on the river.  Live music, little shops and boat tours of the Magical Mystical Miramichi River!

What makes New Brunswick such a special place on earth for you?

The friendly people, the relaxed pace in which time passes, the clean air and of course my family.

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