Technology, Ties & “Textuality”

April 21, 2011

If I’d have filled in one of those surveys when the New Year rang in on 2010 –a questionnaire  about my means of long distance communication – the only boxes I would have ticked would have been telephone, email, Christmas cards and Facebook some of the time”.  Oh how times have changed. 

It’s true I still cling to my paper address book (#oldhabitsdiehard), but for all intents and purposes - I am wired up and virtually virtual. 

Between running this site, tweeting, texting and posting on Facebook all the time – there’s no arguing I have embraced technology as a way of getting the message out, keeping up with what’s in and staying in touch. 

(BTW, my BB is my BFF... OMG!!!)

Resistant as I was to jump into the whole thing – between experts saying it leads to isolation, naysayers saying it leads to loss of privacy, and all that – I’m all in now and rather than look to those negatives – I have chosen to embrace the positives.  Positives like ‘reconnecting’.

Just stop for a second and think about all the people you have met in your life – those people who have left footprints…and for one reason or another…you’ve drifted apart or simply chosen different paths that have led you off in other directions.  I love that in an instant you can be reunited.

The memories that tie us together can all of a sudden be restrung… rewired and rekindled – and maybe it is only a post every now and again, but I think that virtual connectedness is better than the absence of any.

warren p. sonodaHere’s a great for instance - I’m now Facebook friends with Warren P. Sonoda.  One night it just happened – with so many mutual friends you might say it was only a matter of time before I was reunited with the mega talented, multi award winning writer, editor and director who back in the day directed one of my music videos.  But let’s be clear - it was a long time ago and I was almost certain that the man who’s directed more than 100 music videos along with 9 features wouldn't remember me at all.  But he did.  It made me happy to revisit that time in my life with someone who has ties to it too – and it makes me happier still to have WPS virtually back in my life.

This brings this whole post full circle.  You see tomorrow (April 22, 2011) Warren’s newest movie Textuality opens in theatres.  The movie stars Jason Lewis (Sex and the City), Carly Pope (Popular) and Eric McCormack (Will & Grace) and tells the story of “Two people who attempt to get into a relationship, while exiting the multiple relationships they were each managing through their Blackberries before they met.” Check out the trailer and you’ll see why the balance between what’s real and what’s not is often compromised when limited to 140 characters. 

There’s good and bad in everything I suppose, but in this case technology has come through GREAT – for it allowed me to renew my ties with a former colleague and it affords me the opportunity to salute my friend on another great achievement.

YOU ROCK WPS!!!  Go see Textuality in theatres tomorrow!!!

It also allows YOU the opportunity to tweet, share or re-post this post #nopressurebutwouldseriouslylovethehits - sb 



  1. Awwwww --- thanks Stephanie for all your support!!! Technology is sometimes awful and frightening -- but in this case it's as sweet as pie! 😉 WPS

    Comment by Warren Sonoda — April 21, 2011 @ 9:39 am

  2. You are right - I don't even remember how many people I met in person, because of facebook. Hopefully we'll get to meet in October, too. That movie sounds interesting, I'll watch out for it here in Germany.

    Comment by Judy — April 21, 2011 @ 10:46 am

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