Sea and be SCENE of the Day – March & April, 2011

Original Post: March 22, 2011

Remember the good old days of taking rolls of film in to be developed…having that envelope of 24 pictures (sometimes 48 if you got doubles)…photo albums and boxes of snaps from special occasions and family holidays, and all that – it always felt so good to reminisce .  Well just a few days ago we went through a file on our desktop of about 1000 pictures we’ve taken in the last little while…so maybe the style of reflection is different, but the feeling is still the same. Memories are captured and be it 4x6 pics or thumbnails on file…it’s still a moment to cherish.

Anyway the looking back got us thinking of a new regular feature…The Sea and be SCENE of the Day; A daily post where we can share pictures from a moment in time in the Atlantic Provinces.  It could be a picture you took today or one taken when you were little or one last summer….the only real requirement is that it be taken here in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland& Labrador, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island.

We’ll begin by sharing some we’ve taken over the last little while – but the hope would be to start sharing your pictures too – just email them to [email protected] along with the who, what, where and when of the picture – be sure to put ‘SCENE’ in the subject line, and we’ll do our best to feature them in The Sea and be SCENE of the Day in the days to come.

Can’t wait to see your SCENES!!! SABS


March 22, 2011

This picture was taken last summer in North Rustico, Prince Edward Island on the deck of the Blue Mussel Café…a perfect evening after a busy day at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival….talk about relaxing.


March 23, 2011

This scene was captured on a cold afternoon last November.  We were in New Brunswick for shoot with Chris Cummings and on our way to the Peck Colonial House in Hopewell Hill.  We saw this beautiful covered bridge and had to stop.  There are so many of these lovely structures in the Picture Province - each with it's own story to tell.

March 24, 2011

Ahhhh Bayswater Beach.  You'd be hard pressed to find anyone in the Atlantic Provinces who isn't dreaming of  'beach weather' these days. Bayswater is located just between Blandford and Aspotogan in Nova Scotia.  We were there last May to shoot one of the pre-launch welcomes for Sea and be Scene and that's when we snapped this shot.  Our plans have us heading there again this summer to spend some time working at the legendary Sheila's Chip Truck...can't wait!  Hope to see you there.

March 25, 2011

This scene was captured last July, on a beautiful day in Holyrood, NL.  We'd just had a great breakfast at The Pantry(aka: Daphne's) and still dolled up in her Sunday best, Katie Rae is relishing every rock she can find to throw into the ocean...good times.

We chose this picture today for 2 reasons.  The first - it's a wonderful reminder that joy can be found in the simplest of things and secondly it's her birthday! Happy 4th baby girl!!!

March 26, 2011

It’s my birthday – so I asked my folks to send me a picture of me when I was little “enjoying the Atlantic Provinces” - this is the picture they sent...

Taken during a great day at Queensland Beach in Hubbards, Nova Scotia.  My brother John Michael with the beach ball, and my mom (what a hottie).

I was told this was the day I wondered off on my own in the woods. But in a few minutes they found me.  See even back then I was eager to discover this beautiful part of the world...I wouldn't even stay still for the picture ;o)

It is a happy birthday and I thank you for coming with me on this great adventure! sb


March 27, 2011

This shot comes to us from Maria Ryan Gerrior (of The Ryan Sisters) here's what she tells us about the scene...

"This picture was taken when my family took a drive a couple of summers ago to cool off as it was very hot in the city.  We always go to Peggy’s Cove each summer and enjoy the amazing view... and stop for something yummy eat at the Sou’Wester Restaurant(They have my favorite dessert... warm gingerbread and ice cream!)  This is one of my favorite places in the Maritimes and I loved how the sun was directly over the lighthouse smiling down at it." MRG


March 28, 2011

This amazing scene was sent to us by our good friend A.G. MacRae and was taken at twilight on Cavendish Beach in Prince Edward Island.

His son Connor Meers MacRae and nephew Rowan Worthwere squeezin' out the last bit of the day and enjoying the wonderful waves...and who wouldn't want to do that?!  Beautiful shot for sure! Thanks A.G.


March 29, 2011

This SCENE was sent to us by singer songwriter Carmel Mikol along with her childhood memories of the Meadow Road in North River, Cape Breton Island, NS.  This is what she writes...

"Summertime in Cape Breton when I was growing up was filled with the warm scent of gooseberries, sweet peas from the garden and fresh cut hay on our family farm. In this photo, my little brother and I are joined by two cousins visiting from the US. We must have been teaching them the art of messing up my Dad's perfectly laid rows of newly cut hay! The deep green color of that still wet hay will never leave my memory. Good times indeed."CM


March 30, 2011

This shot was taken by our good friend Kelley Edwards.  Always with a keen eye for capturing the moment - she took this picture at Conrad Beach, NS right after Hurricane Bill in 2009.

Kelley tells us she always rushes to the beach after any such storm - as the "waves and sky are still wild". We're sure glad she did - this SCENE is spectacular!

Thanks Ms.E.


March 31, 2011

This scene was captured by stellar singer, musician and one third of the award winning band The Once - Andrew Dale. Shot on January 1st, 2011 - at Cape Spear, NL.  Andrew tells us the point of view is "looking out across the Atlantic ocean towards the old country...welcoming the future while looking towards the past..."

We love the rugged coast and the worn fence, the slightly 'Hictchcockian' angle and the palatte of subdued greys - but most of all we love it cause the truly cool Andrew Dale sent it to us.  Thanks for that Mr. Dale!


April 1, 2011

This picture comes to us from County Tipperary Ireland along with a lovely note from the man who snapped the shot - here’s what he wrote...

Hi - this is a photo I took when we were visiting Nova Scotia for the first time in August 2009 from Ireland. The second time we visit will be for good when we move to Chester on April 20th. We had such a great time!

This photo was taken in Hubbards in August 2009. What a beautiful day it was. We were camping in Hubbards campsite and had the most spectacular weather. Kind Regards, Jonathan Lyons

No foolin - that's cool!!! Thanks Jonathan and we'll look forward to your arrival.


April 2, 2011

This SCENE was sent in by proud Cape Breton son - Buddy MacDonald.  When he's not perfroming and song-writing the man has been known to take quite a picture.  We're happy he decided to share this one he took on the first day of spring -  one of Kelly's Mountain looking toward Englishtown and furthur down the North Shore to where he was born and raised.

It's a beauty - looking forward to the next 'SCENE" Mr. MacDonald - thank you!!!


April 3, 2011

This shot was taken by the Swinimer Family - during their visit to Peggy's Cove, NS last summer.  It's our second Peggy's Cove picture and no doubt we'll have many more (as it's ranked one of the most photographed spots in all of Atlantic Canada).

We love this SCENE because it captures the incredible rock formations and shows just how quickly the fog can roll in 'round there.  Always eagar to return to their roots you can check out a great story by Jennifer Swinimer where she writes of another Swinimer Family Trip this past Christmas.


April 4, 2011

This scene was sent to us by Janice Bisson and beautifully captures the lush green of a Nova Scotia summer.  She'd stopped to take a break on one of her many bike trips around the South Shore and just loved the setting so much.  We love seeing the green and can't wait for those delightfully warm days ahead.  Thanks Janice for this great reminder!


April 5, 2011

This delightful shot comes to us from a kindred spirit with a sure sign spring.  Creative lady and Prince Edward Island's most prolific tweeter Chelsea Ling sent us this picture of her son amidst the Irises at her Mom's home near Morell, PEI circa 2009.

Sweet to see - thank you for sharing Ms. Ling!


April 6, 2011

This lovely one comes from Jennie Greencorn who always manages to capture the most amazing pictures - today is no exception.  Here's what Jennie had to say about this scene...

This is a picture of the Star of the Sea Catholic Church taken from the Canso Harbour during the annual Canso Regatta which starts the second weekend in August in Canso. The week starts witha Provincial Seaman's Memorial service which honours men and woman who have lost their lives on the sea. The week ends with a boat parade, prayer and laying of wreaths at sea to remember them...we were steaming out to sea to reflect.JG

It's really beautiful Jennie - thank you!!!


April 7, 2011

This scene came from Melinda Boland who shoots for us when we're in Newfoundland & Labrador - only this picture was shot by her Mom (Carmel Boland who can bake like nobody's business).

It was taken in Brigus South.  Melinda tells us they were on the East Coast Trail looking at a wonderful iceberg - she stopped to take a photograph of the iceberg and her mom photographed the photographer in action.  Very cool!!! Great moment and a beautiful scene for sure.

Thanks to both Boland ladies for sharing.


April 8, 2011

This lovely scene was sent to us by jewellery designer Joan McInnes - with the following note...

We took this shot from the village of Prospect, NS where we used to is simply one of the BEST places on the planet and this photo is one of my all time FAVS!!! Joan

We can see why Joan - it's abosuloutely lovely.  Thanks so much for sharing!


April 9, 2011

This picture was taken and sent in to us just yesterday by our good friend Tim Harris- who always captures stunning images with this lense.  This shot of a Nova Scotia morning on Chester's Back Harbouris no exception...complete with ice on April 8th?! Come on spring!!!  Thanks for this Tim.


April 10, 2011April 10, 2011

This striking shot comes to us from our good friend and fellow fan of the Atlantic Provinces Judith Weber in Germany, and was taken during her first trip to New Brunswick back in 2009.

Judith tells us it was "the day after seeing a wonderful Sons of Maxwell concert in Saint John" - she was exploring the Picture Province and came across this lovely scene in Alma - "with the boats shining beautifully in the evening sun."

Beautiful indeed - thanks Judith!


April 11, 2011

This oldy but goody features SABS CTO John Michael Swinimer(aka Jike) circa 1966.

Standing on the edge of Forest Pond in The Goulds, NL.  Visiting grandparents Fred & Kathleen Fleming - their dog King in the role of lifeguard.  Many an adventure took place 'round that pond...

Those were the days!


April 12, 2011

This picture was sent to us from a lovely lady in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia along with a note that reads...

"This picture was taken by my husband Stephen MacDonald last Sunday, April 10 in Eastern Passage at one of our favourite places to go on a beautiful sunny day…Fisherman’s Cove! I love all the fun little shops, restaurants and the boardwalk. It was great to see all the lobster traps on the docks just waiting to be loaded onto the boats and dropped into our waters." Jillian MacDonald

A great scene for sure Jillian - our thanks to you and your fantastic photographer! ;o)


April 13, 2011

This scene was sent to us by Anne B. from Toronto, ON along with the following note...

"I love this picture because it's  just one of the many pretty spots we found on our travels through Nova Scotia because of 'wrong turn' we took. We were heading to Hubbards from Mahone Bay and somehow managed to end up on a very windy road through all these little coves and villages. We found out when we reached our final stop - we could have been there in a 1/4 of the time if we'd stayed on the main road - but look what we would have missed!" Anne

It sounds like you took 329 instead of the old #3...but seriously if you're not in a rush Anne - that 'wrong turn' is the right way to go!

Just lovely...thanks for sharing.


April 14, 2011

How's this for a scene?  This gorgeous picture shows the brilliant colours of a summer day in Louisbourg, Nova Scotia.  We love it because it almost looks like a painting - the contrast of greens and blues - just beautiful...

And standing in the distance the Fortress of Louisbourg awaits.  A definite "must do" if you're on Cape Breton Island.


April 15, 2011

This scene comes to us from the truly talented Nina Khosla.  She and her partner Tim Isaac perform as the duo Lovestorm and they were doing just that in Rothesay, NB.

This picture was taken at the Renfrew Wharf as part of their summer concert series last July.

We think it's an awesome shot andconjures up perfectly all those sultry summer evenings filled withawesome entertainment you can find throughout the Altantic Provinces.  Thanks for sharing that very cool scene Nina!


April 16, 2011

This scene was submitted by Jennifer Campbell-Nutbrown and was taken at her family cottage on Prince Edward Island's Argyle Shores.  As she wrote in her Cool People Profile this spot offers her favourite view in PEI- complete with "red sandy beaches...awe inspiring cliffs, the smell of the salt and surf".  Just incredible - thanks for sharing Jennifer


April 17, 2011

This scene was taken just last night on our way to the Jimmy Rankin Album Release party at The Mack.

SABS Camera Guy Steve Nauss got this shot of the incredible monument in front of Province House in Charlottetown, PEI ... love the almost full moon that's watching over everyone tonight.  Nice!


April 18, 2011

This picture was taken this past weekend in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island (04/16/11).

We couldn't let the opportunity pass - to stop and chat with our very first Prime Minister - Sir John A. MacDonald.  In an effort to gain some sort of perspective on the current state of politics in our nation we asked who he'd vote for?...unfortunately he had no comment.


April 19, 2011

This scene is beyond breathtaking so our thanks to the photographer - guitar player supreme Jamie Robinson (NS). We admire all the pictures Jamie takes.  When he posts them on facebook - he gets a lot of "likes".

Well, we LOVE this picture - taken one late fall evening on St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia.  Jamie tells us he was riding on the back of a sail boat on their way to the dock and he couldn't resist taking the shot...luck for us.

It's very beautiful - thanks Jamie!!!


April 20, 2011

This SCENE...captures a smidge of summer at Conrad Beach, Nova Scotia.  It comes courtesy of Kelley Edwards who writes "This is one of my absolute favorite shots, because of the vibrant colors, and how the earth meets the sky."

We totally agree and wish we were walking that path to the surf ourselves...come on summer!!! Thanks again Ms. E!


April 21, 2011

This is a picture of the Fort Amherst Lighthouse at the Narrows as you enter St.John's Harbour, NL.  It was sent to us by Geri Daye along with the following note

"This (picture) was taken on one of those days when it seemed nothing was going right - my friends invited me on a boat cruise out of St.John's Harbour to cheer me up and I snapped this shot just as we passed through to open water. Right there I decided to forget about my troubles and just enjoy the trip...I love how the water shines emerald green like the green on the rocks above.  I think of that trip so often" Geri Daye

We took a cruise out of St.John's Harbour a few summers ago now - on the Scademia - it was incredible!  Thanks Geri - for sharing the shot and the sentiments!


April 22, 2011

Today's scene was captured one summer in Louisbourg, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

On this Good Friday - it seemed only fitting.


April 23, 2011

This scene comes courtesy of Shanneyganock's Mark Hiscock.  This photographic flashback captures Fort Amherst, Newfoundland & Labrador  circa 1920.

Mark writes "this is the same view that I have today from my deck but it looks a lot different today."

That's awesome Mark and so are you for sharing!!! Thanks!


April 24, 2011

This scene was sent to us by Gail Benner along with the following note...

"This photo was taken just 6 days after our Cape Breton Wedding in August 2010.  It was a beautiful, sunny (and windy, as you can see from the waves) day at Anson's Cove Beach, which is located just past Kennington Cove Beach on spectacular Cape Breton Island.  My husband and I were very surprised that there was no one on the beach, so we decided to brave the waves and go for a swim.  It was amazing!!!" Gail Benner

Spectacular for sure - our thanks to you Gail!


April 25, 2011

This scene captures a Nova Scotian November sunset and was sent to us by Angela Granchelli who writes...

"I was on the way to my folks in sydney and had to stop the car just around Leitches Creek because the sky was on fire."

Absolutely lovely - we're grateful for your sharing Angela - thanks!


April 26, 2011

This great shot comes thanks to the amazing Andrew Dale - as part of his 'Salute to the New Year at Cape Spear, NL' series of pictures.  It's truly spectacular - check out that sky behind the an oil painting only better.♥

We caught up to Andrew and the rest of his ECMA winning group The Once in Charlottetown, PEI - stand by for the feature interview - in the meantime we salute you Mr. Dale and your 'scene stealing' abilities.  Thanks!


April 27, 2011

We are flashin' back with this one.

After a few weeks with us here in Nova Scotia, my folks have returned to Newfoundland & Labrador.  They travelled via ferry (like we did all the time back in the day) so in a fit of nostalgia - I dug out this shot of my brother and me.  Circa 1972

As the picture shows - we are beyond giddy (not to mention stylin') as we set out on our Atlantic crossing.  On the way to see our grandparents - it was then and is now a remarkable way to


April 28, 2011

This scene came to us two days ago - but don't worry that picture was taken a while back in winter.

Poor New Brunswick got clobbered with the white stuff so we almost didn't run this one, but it was sent in by a dear friend - or in this case a 'deer' friend.

Jason Barry - shares this shot with us - taken in his folks' backyard in the Miramichi.  Hard to tell if those deer are hiding or if they're stuck - but we're postive they're happy it's spring now!  Thanks Jason you're right sweet!



April 30, 2011

This was sent in by our friend and great supporter of Sea and be Scene - Zoe MacKenzie.

This rushing river in Musquodoboit Harbour is a testament to the place itself.  As Musquodoboit, from the Mi'kmaq wordMoosekudoboogwek, means 'foaming to the sea'. Cool!  Thanks Zoe.




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