Legions, Loot-Cases & Lots to “Like” about my Birthday

Posted: April 7, 2011

birthday cakeI always say 'the best birthday present I ever got was my daughter' who was born the day before my birthday.  She will forever dominate any cake related celebrations 'round that time, but unlike those poor children whose birthday falls precariously close to Christmas – I don’t mind in the slightest….not a smidge!  She deserves all the attention.

With that having been said – it’s been a few weeks now since the big event (and the lesser recognized one) and I’m still collapsing gift bags and packing away party gear,  but I didn’t want to let the occasion go without stopping to acknowledge 3 very special aspects of the 2 days’ worth of delight.

#1 Legions….

When faced with the challenge of 14 little girls and their need to dance, run, play, eat and be accompanied by an adult – I knew my house wasn’t up to the challenge….stacking children and parents didn’t seem hospitable. 

Chester LegionSo I called our local legion here in Chester – F.E. Butler Branch #44 to be exact - to see about booking their space.  And I want to tell you that was the best phone call I ever made.  A beautiful bright hall – with plenty of running room, food set up and spots for grown-ups to sit, drink coffee and chat – totally ideal.  The rate was BEYOND reasonable and the staff was phenomenal – my thanks to Linda & Marion & Christian.   There are so many Royal Canadian Legions throughout the Atlantic Provinces and across Canada and they sure could use our support.  It certainly was the answer to this Mama’s party planning prayers and may be yours too…think about it.

#2 Loot-Cases (trademark pending)

Mama: “See sweetie, you see...it’s not a loot bag – it’s not a suit case – it’s a loot case….a LOOT CASE – get it?"

Little Girl:  "Yes - yes mama – I already get it!"

An actual pre-party dialogue between me and my daughter, but you know – it was a proud moment.  Never a huge fan of those tiny plastic bags that are always filled to overflowing with an ever growing amount of what not – I opted for a more useable vessel.  Loot CaseFound them at the dollar store for $2 and yes that did cut into the loot bag budget BUT let’s be clear – that’s loot in and of itself.  I still managed to jam some goodness inside and the girls left with a little something different …a loot case…get it – a LOOT CASE!!!

Remember – you heard that heard first… (Trademark pending)

#3 Lot’s to “Like” about my Birthday

Because my daughter’s actual birthday fell on the Friday – I planned the party for the Saturday – which insured all the festive focus was firmly placed on her that day.  My focus sure was – so focused in fact that I – as God is my witness – for the first time ever  since I launched this site – put my phone on ‘silent’ and popped my Blackberry in my bag for the entire day.  I did not reply to emails, tweet, post, share, re-tweet, send, text or otherwise communicate beyond the spoken word.  All that to say – when I actually did review what I’d missed – I was blown away by the number of emails and wall posts saying “Happy Birthday” to me in one way or another.  Some from dear friends and relatives, other posts came from new friends and new contacts – but knowing that all of you stopped your day for a few moments to drop a line – truly meant the world to me. 

facebook-like-buttonI hit the “like” button – but truth be told – I felt the LOVE…so thanks to everybody.

It really was best birthday ever… so far! sb



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  1. Cute ideas. You have a lucky little girl...and a cute one too!

    Comment by Lisa Collicutt — April 7, 2011 @ 11:18 am

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