Glen Matthews – No Place Like Home in Nova Scotia

Occupation: Actor

Place of Birth: Born in Halifax, raised in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Currently Resides: Halifax, Nova Scotia

Where’s your favourite place in Nova Scotia to grab a coffee?

I'm a tea drinker, through and through. I hate to go with "big business" on this one, but they're Canadian, so I think it's A-okay to put my support behind David's Tea (Spring Garden).

Where’s your favourite place in Nova Scotia to grab a pint?

A pint of Granite Brewery's Peculiar Ale, Gatsby's on Spring Garden carries it (or they used to). I have fond memories of watching hockey games with friends there. Very manly of me, I know.

What’s the one meal you can’t wait to have when you’re back home?

Breakfast or brunch at The Ardmore Tea Room on Quinpool. Any poor artist can appreciate the price and quality of the meals at the Ardmore. Without fail, I always go for the three egg omelette with mushrooms and extra cheese. That's my secret weapon, it gives me all of my actor-powers.

Where in Nova Scotia would we stand to see your favourite view?

The golf course in Lunenburg is right across from the town, I've seen that view on hundreds of different post cards, but sight in real life is really comforting.

Name 3 things we’ve gotta do when we visit Nova Scotia:

1. Visit Lunenburg. That's my hometown, so I'm incredibly biased, but the place is gorgeous and overflowing with wonderful people.

2. Watch (and listen to) the noon-hour cannon go off on Citadel Hill. I had lived in Halifax for 5 years and never took the time to do this, so now I'm excited to visit home again, and be a tourist.

3. Go to local shops (Pro Skates, Pretty Things Boutique, Biscuit, Strange Adventures Comics, and so many more)! Halifax's downtown core is filled with independent shops that are owned and managed by the warmest, friendliest people around. Support them. I demand you do so!

What makes Nova Scotia such a special place on earth for you?

It's defined me in the best way possible. I have a true sense of community and pride that I take with me wherever I go. I think most Maritimers feel that way, especially when they move away. Ontario's great, it works for me and gives me the opportunities I need, but my heart will always be in Nova Scotia.


And one more thing...

I'd like to invite everyone to check out my blog @ I do take a lot of pride in what I've been able to compile thus far on there; it started more as a pet project and has developed into a big part of my career. You can see me in the recently released Hobo With a Shotgun (as the Gang Leader), the upcoming The Corridor (a phenomenal sci-fi thriller that I have a lot of faith in), the mini-series Moby Dick (featuring John William Hurt, Ethan Hawke and others), as well as more. It means the world to me to have the support of my fellow Nova Scotians, so please feel free to check out my stuff! Thank you!


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