Damhnait Doyle – INsights IN 10

The always awesome Damhnait Doyle NL jumps into the hot seat to play INsights IN 10.  A rapid fire* 10 questions designed to learn all we need to know about the person being asked....sort of.

We’ve got a full interview with Damhnait up now - should check out The Heartbroken, The Housewives & Home. SABS

Damhnait Doyle INsights IN 10*RE: rapid fire – it should be noted - this is the longest round of INsights IN 10 ever recorded – but then again when it’s Damhnait Doyle more is more...so we’re good with that!

And to top it all off...

Our  crack research team has discovered  that while this may be the 2nd edition of INsights IN 10 where someone was wearing a classic style hat...it is actually the 4th edition in which someone is wearing something on their head (For the record Bruce Guthro wore a cap and Dean Brody wore a cowboy hat) I stand corrected.sb

Captives - Film

FYI - This is Damhnait's favourite movie! Courtesy: Miramax Films

For all things Damhnait Doyle – visit www.dav-net.com


  1. Republic of ANOTHER Doyle! Awesome!

    Comment by TV Gord — October 21, 2010 @ 10:57 pm

  2. I love you TV GORD!!!

    Comment by sbeaumont — October 22, 2010 @ 12:29 am

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