Backstage with Slowcoaster and…

Posted: April 27, 2011

It’s easy to know great chemistry when you see it…and hear it! 

Steven MacDougall, Mike LeLievre and Brian Talbot have an incredible sound - rockin’ live and awesome on the albums.  A concoction of great vocals and stellar playing blend perfectly to create Slowcoaster.

Earning 4 ECMA nominations and taking home the award for Alternative Recording of the Year for their project The Darkest of Discos – you hear that great chemistry for sure.

Slowcoaster pic siteAnd we saw it too - catching up with the three band mates and best friends backstage at the 2011 ECMA Awards was very cool without a doubt… and funny! 

Matter of fact – as you’ll see in the tape – we weren’t the only ones anxious to hang with the group.  We’ll look forward to the next time (and the reunion tour!) SABS


SABS Aside Note

I thought we caught the invite on camera, but I’ll have to rely on witness testimony - but for the record...they did promise to go to Tasty Treat in Cape Breton with me this summer (can’t wait for that). We’ll keep you posted – sb


The Darkest of DiscosFor everything Slowcoaster visit their website


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