The Pellerin Post: You Act, You Learn, You Grow.

Posted: March 13, 2011

We at Sea and be Scene have never made our affinity for TV and movies a secret – from the joy of living vicariously through the characters on the screen to simply being swept up in the magic of it all…what a wonderful escape it provides.  Other times it shines a light on something we’ve never thought of or thought we were alone in feeling.

When we met with Krystin Pellerin last fall – she told us to expect “a lot of stuff” in season 2 of Republic of Doyle - and there has been that…and then some. 

Jake & Leslie Republic of Doyle Courtesy: CBCFor instance the collective breath of a nation was held two weeks ago in Ep. 208 “Sympathy for the Devil” when her character Leslie Bennett was standing at the door pouring her heart out to Jake (Allan Hawco) and he couldn’t tell her he loved her back because the bad guy would have shot her through the wall – I mean come on! We know they should be together…don’t we?! So why won't they admit it???

Will the Real Des Courtney Please Stand Up Courtesy: CBCAnd how about this past week’s episode  Ep. 209 “Will the Real Des Courtney Please Stand Up”?   Bless his heart that Des...or whatever his name is now...suffice it to say it had all of us (the viewers) and all of them (the characters) wondering 'how well do we really know anybody?'…and realizing how easy it is for us to avoid what’s right in front of us.

So that got us to thinking - since Krystin is starring in 3 Soulpepper Theatre Company productions this season and since one of those plays is the award winning “Our Town”  written by the great Thornton Wilder – we borrowed one of his quotes which reads...

"We live in what is, but we find a thousand ways not to face it. Great theatre strengthens our faculty to face it"  

...And we used that as the basis for this week's Pellerin Post in which Krystin answers the question 'what's the greatest lesson you've learned from the characters you're playing this season'.  We thank Ms. Pellerin for her answer!!! SABS


The Pellerin Post: You Act, You Learn, You Grow.

Emily Webb "Our Town" is strengthening my ability to live in the present. She is showing me that the ordinary is a wonderful and precious thing to behold. I find now that I am working on this script, Time feels full and slower somehow. I am making an effort to take it all in as Emily does when she is given the chance to come back into living for one ordinary day in her life. I am more aware thanks to her and more thankful for the little things.

Luisa "The Fantasicks" this is my greatest lesson from the Fantasticks..This reminds me to roll with the punches...

    "There is a curious Paradox

     That no one can explain.

     Who understands the secret

     Of the reaping of the grain?

     Who understands why

     Spring is born

     Out of Winter's laboring pain?

     Or why we all must die a bit

     Before we grow again..."

Elsie "Time of Your Life" has taught me to always dream of 'love and greatness' in spite of everything. She is a nurse who is surrounded by death and sickness and she chooses to live in hope of goodness no matter what.  KP


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