The Pellerin Post: Ready, Set…Perform

Posted: March 1, 2011

Life moves pretty fast these days.  You can imagine the pace when faced with the goal of covering all the people, places and things that make the 4 Atlantic Provinces so special…it leaves very little spare time. BUT for one hour a week, however, everything stops…

Republic of Doyle Season 2 marqueeWednesdays at 9pm for Republic of Doyle.  We have the luxury of calling it ‘research’ but between you and me – it’s a great break.  And perhaps because the breaks are so rare there’s a lot that goes into getting ready for that one hour of downtime…pour a pint, grab some snacks, get set to weigh in with the #doyletweets and enjoy.  Maybe not so much a pre-show ritual as some…but it got us to thinking... about what the actors do to get ready… 

Take for instance Al Pacino - it has been reported that before his first entrance each night while on Broadway with Merchant of Venice he would go to the green and shake hands with 2 people.  Tony award-winner Betty Buckley prays and meditates, and John Lloyd Young of Jersey Boys – uses a steam inhaler, stretches, beats himself with a rubber mallet and pulls his tongue with a paper towel…no foolin’.

The Fantasticks - Soulpepper Theatre with Krystin PellerinAnd all of that got us to wondering...

What with Republic of Doyle star Krystin Pellerin performing in all those plays with the Soulpepper Theatre this season (see The Fantasticks trailer above) -  does she have any pre-show rituals of her own? Thus the subject of this week’s Pellerin Post. SABS


The Pellerin Post: Ready, Set…Perform

Krystin Pellerin - The Pellerin Post imageI don't have any one ritual that I carry with me. Each show brings its own ritual with it I find. Right now with the Fantasticks a thorough vocal warm up is my saving grace, I usually touch on all the numbers before hand and review the script, I drink lots of warm water to keep my chords warm, it feels pretty basic.

When we did 'Waiting for the Parade' last year, I would wear a certain kind of perfume before going on stage because it made me feel as if I was more of that era (1940's)...I wish I had some sort of interesting routine to tell you about...but I like to keep it simple...I keep my dressing table neat and clean, that's important to me, it makes me feel calm...I don't like to get too precious...

I prepare myself to the best of my ability…I know my lines by heart…I say a prayer and hope for the best! KP


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