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Posted: March 9, 2011

One of the first stories we ever posted here on Sea and be Scene was about Kim Stockwood’s next project.  All we knew then was that it would be a salute to her beloved homeland of Newfoundland & Labrador

We caught up with the always busy artist last summer for a status report and she was in the creative throws of it all – good fun! 

Kim Stockwood - Back to the Water “Kim Stockwood is anchored heart and soul to this place. She seeks out what is special here and searches for a voice that will reflect her longing and love for the province. One way she has found to capture that voice is to go Back to the Water”.

So at last the day has come – the work is done and she’s ready to share      Back to the Water with the world - recorded and produced in Newfoundland, featuring the best of NL musicians and songwriters…it’s the finest kind for sure. SABS  


What follows is our Q&A as they say with Kim Stockwood...

SABS: First off - how are ya?  When we met up in St. John's last summer you were up to it and very much looking forward to this - record dropping, show airing - can you believe it's here?

Kim Stockwood: No I can't actually. I've been pinching myself all day. The record came out digitally today (03/08/11) and the show premieres on Saturday (03/12/11). Very exciting and Scary!!

SABS: The album Back to the Water has some incredible songs that were hits and traditional favourites by NL artists - so if I may borrow from Oprah - was there a 'full circle pinch me moment' - where you said - I can't believe I get to put this song on my record?

Kim Stockwood Back to the Water Photo by Greg LockeKim Stockwood:  Wow, I answered the last question before I saw this one. Yup, totally pinch me moments all over the place. Some of these songs chose me, I truly believe it. I started singing some in the midst of the search for songs. Some I hadn't sang since I was young.

SABS: There’s one new song on the project – what’s the scoop there?

Kim Stockwood:  The only original on the record is the title track, "Back to the Water", which I wrote with my best bud, Damhnait Doyle. We actually started it about 10 years ago and never finished it. When I found out I had the TV show on CMT, I called her right away and said we have got to finish this song.... NOW!! We didn't finish it until we were home this past summer and on Signal Hill.


SABS: And the TV excited to see you back on CMT (did I ever tell you I loved the "Shaye" show?!) - were you able to feature everything you were hoping to as far as the highlights of the homeland?

Kim Stockwood feature Photo by Greg LockeKim Stockwood: I am so happy with the show. The beauty of Newfoundland shines through and whales even showed up at my sister’s place, to impress the mainlanders.  My 97 year old Grandma Blanche is the star of the show

SABS: And on the topic of the homeland - are we still on for beer and chips at Quidi Vidi?

Kim Stockwood: We are on for beer and chips any time you want!!!!  The Duke of Duckworth actually has the best!!!


For more with Kim be sure to check out our feature interview with Down to Earth & Down to Business and her INsights IN 10 

For all everything else hit

SABS Programming Note

Back to the Water, a television special filmed in Newfoundland, will debut on CMT Canada on March 12, 2011 – check your local listings for times.

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