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Update: March 1, 2011

Still looking for you to chip in on the effort...check out the details - it could be your way onto the Big Screen!!!

Posted: February 15, 2011

Our good friend Mark O’Brien NL  has a dream and we at Sea and be Scene want to see that dream come true.  Why it was just after watching him in another awesome episode of Replubic of Doyle as Des Courtney (did you see how he drove that limo?!), that we went on line and discovered the above video posted with his plight to make “Kathy” an independent film about a teen queen from St. John’s.  He and his friends have all their ducks in a row and are ready to roll, but sadly they’re short on the jake to make it happen (no pun intended).  In an effort to get the message out we went straight to the man himself…to get the scoop on the screenplay, the team players and the plan to make it happen…and of course where you come in.  What follows is our Q & A as they say…

SABS: First off – Cool!  So when it comes to ‘independent films’ – this is it right?  What is this Indigo program all about?

Mark O’Brien: Yeah, this is pretty independent. We’ve received funding from the Newfoundland and Labrador Film Development Mark O'Brien - Kathy 2Corporation and Telefilm, through a program called Picture Start, which is supported by The Newfoundland Independent Filmmakers Co-operative (NIFCO), as well as the above mentioned. So the film is going to be made for sure, but we’re a little short on dough, so we’re doing everything we can to raise money to meet our budget. is a website used to promote events and productions to gather interest for possible funders.  I’ve made shorts before, but not with an actual full professional crew and through unions and such, so it can get a little pricey, even for a little short film like this one.


SABS: You’re the only  fella in a team of 3 in a movie about a teenage girl…take us through the players and how you developed created the story that is “Kathy”

Mark O’Brien: “Kathy” was written by Emily Bridger; a very talented writer from St. John’s. She wrote it several years ago, and I’ve been a part of the process since the beginning. I think we always had the intention that Emily would write and I would direct and then we decided to bring in Shannon Hawes as a Producer. Shannon’s background is in theatre, where she and I met several years ago, and she’s also been working in film the last couple of years and Emily and I just thought she would be the perfect compliment to our team. So the three of us decided to apply to the Picture Start program together and our project was selected.  The story is basically about this enigmatic, free-spirited, young girl named Kathy. The entire story is told mostly in narration, through the point of view of one of Kathy’s friends who witnessed the interesting creature that was Kathy in her junior high school days. So it’s a very female project, but I’ve been surrounded by women my ENTIRE life. I have three older sisters, and no brothers, so I feel like I can look at this story very objectively, but with a real understanding of the reality of it. Plus, if I get too masculine (which never really happens) I have Emily and Shannon to slap me back to reality.

SABS: Do you know who will play the role of Kathy?

Mark O’Brien: We have a wonderful young actress who will play the title role. However, she doesn’t know it yet as we’re still trying to figure out our exact dates. But if you see the film, you certainly will remember her. She’s a very talented young girl from St. John’s, who we’ll eventually inform that she’s been cast.

SABS:  There’s no denying it – we here at SABS think you’re the very knees of the bee in front of the camera – but you’re slated as ‘director’ on this project – has that always been a dream?

Mark O’Brien: I’ve always wanted to direct. When I started in this business (I always wanted to say that) I wanted to be a director, but it’s a very hard position to break into and I found that there were many technical aspects that I needed to learn and I’ve always loved acting, so I focused heavily on that while learning about working on the other side of the camera. And over the years I’ve worked with some really great people and I’m still learning. In fact, our Director of Photography is John Vatcher, one of the producers of Republic of Doyle. So I’m sure I will learn a lot from him on this project. The way I feel is that you can never stop learning, so I’m never afraid to ask questions (that probably often seem dumb) or admit I don’t know what someone’s talking about because you have to be so open-minded and there’s always room for improvement. I hope to always get opportunities to Mark O'Brien Profiledirect. And I look up to directors very much.  And we have some wonderful directors from Newfoundland; Steve Cochrane, Justin Simms, Adriana Maggs, Sherry White, Stephen Dunn, Jordan Canning, Lois Brown. All of these people are making waves, so it’s very inspiring.

SABS: The clock is ticking on raising the money for this project – how can people get involved in helping with the funding?

Mark O’Brien: You can go to and then click “Fund This Campaign” to donate however much you please. And there are some pretty cool incentives for donating. Such as tickets to the St. John’s premiere of the film, autographed dvds, and a visit to the set.  Or if you see me on the street one day, just huck a fin at me or somethin’

SABS: Finally - Is there any way someone could go about auditioning for a role…or maybe just be given one because they think your right sweet and would love to be in it and would fly to St.John’s on their dime if you said yes? (not us…we were just wondering)

Mark O’Brien: Hahahahaha. Stephanie my dear, if you want to be in the movie, just say the word. We’ll throw ya in there somewhere! Or you could be in the sequal, "Kathy 2: Back in Busniness".

You read that here folks…sounds like a deal!!!  Please support the effort go to and give what you can!


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