Ha! Ha! Ha!ifax ComedyFest Coming Soon!!!

Posted: March 14, 2011

Nothing says spring in Nova Scotia like the buds on the trees, the return of the robins and the Hal!fax ComedyFest.  For the past decade and a half winter weary folk from all over have descended upon the Provincial Capital to spruce up their spirits with the hilarious happenings.

March CritchThis year's four day festival of funny will deliver the laughter and them some.  Running from Wednesday, April 13 to Saturday, April 16 and featuring over 30 comedians including This Hour has 22 Minutes NL funny fella Mark Critch (as seen above in that star-studded & stellar salute to Danny Williams)

Joining Mr. Critch in all the fun…Jonny Harris NL and Peter Anthony NS, along with Derek EdwardsSean Cullen, Debra DiGiovanni, Bob Marley, John Wing, Elvira Kurt, Trevor Boris, Andrew Grose, Godfrey, Stewart Francis, Pete Zedlacher, Doug Funk, Jon Steinberg, Sunee Dhaliwal, Jen Grant, Scott Falconbridge, Jebb Fink, Heidi Foss, Tim Steeves, Ted Morris, Mike Wilmot, Graham Clark, Dylan Mandlsohn, Nile Seguin, Greg Hahn, Lachlan Patterson and many more. Ya can’t beat it!

Bob Marley

sean cullenEvira Kurt

"The top Canadian and most exciting international comedians come together in Halifax for the funniest comedy festival to date.  Laughter is infectious and it's coming this April.  If you don't like funny, protect yourself.”    

Kim Hendrickson,

ESP Productions

When one of the best comedy festivals in the world comes to your corner of the Country – we say get there!  And get set to Ha!Ha!Have a great time! SABS

For all things Hal!fax ComedyFest visit www.halifaxcomedyfest.ca

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