Declaring March My “Make Good Month”

Posted: March 1, 2011

It’s March 1st and this – this is a NEW day…a new beginning.

Yes - I’ve been planning this for a while now…a few weeks anyway.  And in order to truly appreciate the magnitude of today in all its glory…and why it means so much to me…you’d have to go back to December 31st, 2010. 

Yeah, that’s right – New Year’s Eve. All shiny and positive and full of promise and those…………... ...resolutions (resisted the urge to go all Melissa Leo there) - but honestly I was so sure this was the year.

The year that I made good on all of those plans…to be more organized…to get more exercise…to clean out my closet…to eat better…and have some "me" time…

Well it wasn’t too far into January when I began to feel – defeated.  I was stepping over piles of files –stuffing more stuff into stuff totes – the only real exercise I was getting was walking downstairs to the coffee maker – then to the fridge for milk for the coffee – then back to my home office that was looking more and more like a frat house than the harmonious work space I had resolved it would be in 2011.  I thought to myself…there goes another year…but then…a ray of hope…

A few weeks ago – I decided to declare March my Make Good Month.  Why not? I could just do everything I planned to do 2 months ago starting on March 1st.  Better late than never I say! Woohoo! Yeah me!!!

So wish me luck….as I get ‘er done! Good night.

What’s that you ask?  How did day one go?

Well first let me qualify... the biggest hinderence has been the winter weather.  I mean the roads are crazy slippy out there and walking would have been dangerous.  I don’t know if you’d call red licorice and kettle corn a great meal – but it gave me more time to work on my office…which I planned on doing as soon as I got the site set for the first of the Month, and worked on some paperwork and pre-production and typed this blog…but you know there’s still 2 hours and some left in March 1st to get to my closet…but between you and me - I'm just not sure I can because I meant to pick up the part for the rod that broke because of the weight of the wardrobe that needs to be thinned but the roads were too slippy and….

well the way I see it there are still 30 more days to make good on my mission to Make Good….

Best say a prayer and please….no wagering.  sb

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