An Ocean of Inspiration for Lovestorm

The Atlantic Provinces are rich with great musical talents, and here at Sea and be Scene we celebrate all of the sounds and songs that make this part of the world so special.  Many have tried to uncover the mystery to that musical wealth…heritage? Yes! Culture? For sure…but there’s no arguing the inspiration that can be found in the waves off the coastline, the beauty in the bays and the deep blue waters that surround us here.  New Brunswick duo Lovestorm sings about just that in their EMCA nominated project Great Ocean. With indescribably cool vocals from Nina Khosla and equally groovy rhythms from Tim Isaac - we just had to get the scoop on these two New Horton, NB residents who are making waves with their sound.


What follows is our Q&A as they say...with ½ of Lovestorm

SABS:  So first off Lovestorm – great name...many ways to take it…how did you come up it?

LovestormTim Isaac: The name Lovestorm can be taken different ways.  For us, it expresses the complexity of passionate love, be it for a person or for life.  One might see Nina as Love and myself as the Storm.  Actually these are both elements that are inside everyone and can surface at different times.  The name is an interesting dichotomy and I'm almost over my embarrassment of it (it was Nina's idea).

SABS:  There’s been lots of great music coming out of New Brunswick for a long long time and yet 2010 was the first year for the awards – how cool was it to be nominated?

Tim Isaac: We were both surprised and delighted to be nominated for Pop Recording at the 2010 Music New Brunswick Awards.  NB and Atlantic Canada in general have a respectable number of talented musicians, and to be acknowledged as part of that group feels terrific.

SABS:  There’s such a groovy and really unique sound to your project Great Ocean  -  'what' and 'who' has influenced the music of Lovestorm?

Tim Isaac: I think the Lovestorm sound is a unique fusion of two distinct voices - you might say a meeting of hard and soft, of masculine and feminine.  Nina writes the lyrics and sings, and her inspiration is drawn from her attraction to beauty and sensuality.  The content of her songs is not at all typical and that makes me very drawn to them.  Musically, she contributes flourishes of flute, harmonium and keyboards, as well as a gently Lovestorm albumplayed ukulele.  I find myself constructing the foundation and structure of the songs...  laying down beats and bass lines, then adding more layers of orchestral cello to thicken the sound.  Our influences are varied and our music doesn't fit easily into one genre.  Our main goal in Lovestorm is to fully express ourselves.

SABS:  Very cool new video for the title track “Great Ocean” (seen above)…tell us what went into making what we see?

Tim Isaac:  Last fall I got an iPod that could shoot video, and when we were blessed with an unusually warm day in October, we decided to drive over to Waterside Beach and try to shoot a video (naive or what?).  We basically had Nina's laptop playing the song while we lip-synched on the rocks and sand.  We thought it was probably unusable until we showed it to our filmmaker friend Scott Carson.  He took up the challenge of making something out of it, and quite honestly, when he first showed me what he had done, I couldn't believe it.  He had created a work of art, combining our images with dramatic footage of stirring waves, soaring birds and the rocky coast of Newfoundland.  He totally nailed it and I think the video wonderfully conveys the power of the 'great ocean' and Nina's attachment and reverence for it.  

SABS:  What’s up for Lovestorm this year?  

Tim Isaac: Nina loves to soak up some sun every winter by going South and this year I've been lucky enough to join her for a month.  She's been busy writing and we've been recording every day in a place she rented overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Puerto Escondido, Mexico.  We didn't think we'd do more than demo some songs, but things have been going so well, that we'll likely be releasing a full length CD of new material recorded right here (complete with sounds of crashing waves throughout).  Nina has some terrific new songs and it's been a total pleasure to lay down tracks and help arrange them.  When we get home, we'll be attending the ECMAs, where we'll be showcasing and schmoozing.  It'll be our first appearance as Lovestorm at the ECMAs.  

LovestormWe're also lining up shows for the summer and fall and anticipate a very busy year, as our appreciative audience continues to grow.  We're eager to share our music further and really encouraged by the positive reaction we've had thus far.  People who get it, really get it.


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