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wedding storyAt Sea and be Scene we celebrate the 4 Atlantic Provinces and throughout the month of February we’ll be sharing some truly lovely stories that do just that – from couples who chose this special part of the world for their special day.

Our first wonderful wedding story comes from Jennifer and Todd Nutbrown – two great Atlantic Canadians who came HOME for one incredible celebration! SABS

 Jennifer and Todd Nutbrown

"Home for Our Wedding"  by Jennifer Nutbrown 

Todd and I met in Ontario in 2005.    I'm from PEI and he's from New Brunswick, so right away we had a great Maritime connection. Todd also spent a lot of time in Nova Scotia, went to Acadia and then worked in the Bridgewater and Truro areas.  I also spent a few years in Truro…so we had lots to talk about!  We fell in love quickly and passionately, and I can honestly say I knew within 5 minutes of meeting him that we would be married.  We were engaged within 6 months and married August 26, 2006.  Never was there any doubt that we'd go "home" for our wedding.  Most of our families are on the East Coast and we wanted to give our Ontario friends and family a good reason to go experience the beauty, the food and the kindness of Prince Edward Island.

Jennifer and Todd Nutbrown

We were married at The Rodd's Royalty (thanks Lisa from Rodd's!) on the Trans-Canada highway in Charlottetown.  My cousin had his wedding reception there a few years previous and the courtyard setting was beautiful and the food was second to none...that's what really matters…the food!  It was simple and easy for us to have a wedding and reception all in one location as I was planning the wedding (in 6 months!) from a different province!  We had a wonderful roast beef dinner with PEI potatoes, world famous PEI gravy (nobody makes gravy like Islanders!) and all the trimmings.  It was a beach theme, (of course!) and we had sand, seashells and starfish everywhere. The prices were very reasonable and we hired Linda Larter as our decorator to help with the details.  She was wonderful and had great rates.  We had our rehearsal dinner (a group of 50!) at the world famous Fisherman's Wharf restaurant in North Rustico the night before the wedding.  The all-you-can-eat mussels and salad bar were a HUGE hit with the PFA's (people from away 🙂 and the lobster was divine.  It's one of our favourite restaurants on PEI.


We had 100 of our best friends and family members with us.  About 30 people made the trek from Ontario, which we so greatly appreciated, and also family members from South Africa and New Brunswick.  It truly was a week to remember and all of our friends who came from Ontario fell in love with PEI.  We had little gift bags with homemade PEI treats (jams, preserves and something from Green Gables) in their rooms as they arrived, along with our favourite haunts on PEI with directions and such.  Most of them roamed the beaches and some even did day trips to see the wind mills in North Cape.  It was such a personal joy to have the 100 people I loved the most together in the place that holds my heart.  I know many of our imported guests are anxious to return to PEI.

Jennifer and Todd Nutbrown

We had our pictures taken at my Aunt Kathy and Uncle Harvey Farrar's cottage on Argyle Shores.  The setting is all that PEI should be - with its gorgeous red cliffs and beautiful sandy beach.  I was the flower girl for my aunt and uncle MANY moons ago and they were so kind and gracious to offer their little piece of paradise to capture our love on that special day. They built that cottage with their own 4 hands...every nail, every piece of wood, every shingle and it's just incredible.

Jennifer and Todd Nutbrown

Every time we go home to Prince Edward Island I cannot wait to get there to see them and remember our beautiful day.  They invited us back last summer for an extended stay and our 6 month old son splashed and played in the water and sand...just like we had 5 years previous.  That spot is so close to my heart and the pictures speak for themselves.  I cannot think of a more spectacular spot.  I feel like I can honestly hear and feel God when I am there.  I know myself better when I am home on Prince Edward Island. JN

SABS About the couple

Jennifer and Todd NutbrownJennifer and Todd Nutbrown live in Kitchener, Ontario with their son Ayson and puggle pup Talullah.

Todd is a social worker and Jennifer is the morning show host at KIX 106.7FM. www.kix106online.com

They are currently testing their love - renovating their second home and return home to visit PEI, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia every summer.  The rest of their summer is spent by the backyard pool (a close second to the ocean).  So far Jennifer hasn't been able to convince Todd to haul in a load or two of red PEI sand and dump it beside the pool so it feels more like home...but there's always next summer. 🙂

Jennifer and Todd NutbrownIf anyone would like more details or contact information for PEI weddings, please email [email protected]





  1. As part of Jenn and Todd's lucky bridesmaid brigade, I can absolutely vouche for everything Jennifer said. My first trip to the East Coast and I fell in love with the people and the island. The hospitality, genuine energy, authentic spirit and beauty of the island have made this a place I want to return to with my own family.

    Comment by tracy lennon — February 1, 2011 @ 2:26 pm

  2. I am the groom's sister & lucky enough to be part of the bridal party. We had a GREAT time during the whole wedding festivities! The experience was second to none!! It was nice to arrive from out of the country & not worry about a thing-all the details were done & all wheels set in motion!! I would recommand this to anyone!!!!

    Comment by Kelly Moulton — February 1, 2011 @ 7:16 pm

  3. It was a great day Jenn and Todd Love you both and can't wait to have you back to the Island again .

    Love your Cuz !!

    Comment by Cory Rusk — February 1, 2011 @ 7:22 pm

  4. What a great story. I was born and raised in Ontario and in 1988 went out East with my company, living in New Brunswick, Truro and then Halifax. I love it there and can't wait to go back on a permanent basis when I decide to retire. One of the best places in the world.

    Comment by Dale Laverty — February 3, 2011 @ 10:01 am

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