The Season Finale – Christmas 2010

While stores have reduced and cleared, and the majority of folk have packed away the trimmings – we hear at Sea and be Scene have been celebrating Old SchoolOld Christmas that is.  You’ve heard that song The 12 days of Christmas well technically it starts on December 25th which brings us to today – January 6th.  A day Western-Christian faiths deem the Epiphany. Others celebrate “Old Christmas” because of a modern day change to the old Gregorian calendar.  All we’re willing to say is "Happy Christmas" for once last time this season.  We asked our visitors to share ‘what Christmas looked like where they lived’ – what follows is a lovely album of all things merry and bright.  And because it’s the season of giving – we’ve got a great gift for one of our lucky photographers.* Thanks for being a part of our first Christmas on line and cheers to this wonderful New Year! SABS

* SABS Giving it away

There’s an old wives tale that states:  a person should never lend anything to anybody on Old Christmas Day, because the lender would never get it back.  That’s why we decided to just give away “Unforgettable Atlantic Canada” (Nimbus Publishers) – and so a contest by random draw for from all submissions (whether your photo was featured or not) was conducted. And the WINNER is... 

The Season Finale posted as contributed...

Tanya Kelly & Steve Hickey

Merry Christmas!  As contribution to your article this is our perfect little tree... From the U-cut at Ernie Countway’s on Hwy 12 in Chester Grant..where we have been finding our perfect trees for the past 6 years! 

Tanya Kelly & Steve Hickey, Chester, NS






Here's our tree – Merry Christmas & Happy 2011

Shane Nauss & Samanta MacKenzie,

                                                          Halifax, NS







Here is my Christmas Tree this year. Can you tell we are wishing we were on a beach somewhere instead of snowy Edmonton. Oh well, it makes people smile....and roll their eyes to see it:)

Merry Christmas to you. 


Carmen Choney

Edmonton, AB



 rsz_leanne_mcdougalls_treeThis our tree at home in Gatineau, Quebec.

Merry Christmas Sea and be Scene

Leanne McDougall







Michelle WalkerHi SABS,

here's the tree from my sister's house. She never goes the
traditional "green" tree route, she's all about the girlie pink lol.
Enjoy 🙂

Michelle Walker

Regina Sask.


Hi.Gail Benner

It's Gail Benner here in snowy, wintery New Sarepta, Alberta.  We are in the midst of major house renovations and, as a result, have no place to put a Christmas tree this year.  

I bought a little 2 1/2 foot tree, that can't hold any ornaments except two hand-made fabric ornaments from my sister-in-law ;)...  My husband built a little shelf for me to put the

tree on in the window.  I guess it will do... until next year!!!

Happy, healthy holiday wishes to all!!

Gail Benner


 charles crantonHere's my tree.

Merry Christmas to you.

Charles Cranton







Here's my tree

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Angela Kitching

Blanford, NS




AG MacRaeWe had trees to the ceiling - like this one from our good friend A.G. MacRae

And lots of well wishes from SABS friends who didn't have trees at all this year, because they were heading out of town, or celebrated with someone else who did, or too darn busy working through the holidays - whatever Christmas looked like where you lived we hope it was lovely.

We didn't have any snow here at the world headquarters but we did get a great exterior shot a la flashback to a few years ago when we we had a white Christmas in Nova Scotia...

Danielle PellerineThis is a picture of a couple years ago at my grandparent's place.  We had gotten so much snow that the nativity scene was pretty buried in it!!!

Thank you,

Danielle Pellerine,

Halifax, NS


And another cool shot with a salute to the wintery ocean playground all the way from Germany!

I just want to wish you a wonderful Christmas.

I’ve just finished my new ‘wall decoration’ … the Nova Scotia letters and

I love it. Our Christmas tree is pretty small, as is our apartment. ;o)

Take care,

Judy x 

Creativity Abounds...


Connor Meers MacRae – continued his tradition – every year he makes a tree ornament to hang on their tree…very cool







Vanessa Hamm– went ‘green’ in  more ways than one – turning an old lightbulb into The Grinch!







Our good friend Kelley Edwards - whose camera always captures magic - sent in the following...

I hope you have a wonderful holiday. I'm sending this shot for you- I don't have a tree, but I did bake these cookies...


And finally –  Here’s a picture of Brad and Kathleen Hamm of Chester, NS

 in front of the very real and really big tree this year…so big in fact…it needed to be ‘dismantled’ to get it out of the house…now that’s big


Thanks to onto...Valentine's Day...or Groundhog day...I guess Groundhog day is first right?!

"And to all a good night"

Our thanks to Camera Guy Steve for sending this picture

(who is sadly ineligible for prizing...sorry Steve)

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