The Pellerin Post: Premiere Edition

Post: January 17/11

Lovely!!! We’ve said it before we’ll say it again – lovely!  Krystin Pellerin NL is all that and more.  When we met up this past fall in St. John’s she was in the midst of the shooting season 2 of her hit CBC series Republic of Doyle.  She told us then of her ‘other life’ in Toronto – and the other half of the year spent on stage with the Soulpepper Theatre Company

Jake & LeslieAs we post – Pellerin is in rehearsals for 3 productions – yes, that’s right 3.  Pretty incredible and yet she’s planning to check in with Sea and be Scene regularly – with an update on her life behind the scenes at Soulpepper. 

So how cool is that?  We can enjoy watching her as Sargent Leslie Bennett play with the heartstrings of Jake Doyle every week PLUS get the scoop on the plays and musicals in which she’s performing.  Can’t wait to see what happens – on TV, on stage and exclusively right here on-line. Let the fun begin...SABS


krystin_pellerinThe Pellerin Post: First Edition January 17, 2011

Back to the stage:
It's exciting, scary, exhilarating and humbling all at once. I thought I would be tired after working for 6 months on Doyle and then going straight into rehearsals for three plays in rep (The Fantasticks, Our Town and The Time of Your Life), but it is turning out to be one of the most invigorating processes I've ever been a part of. I am performing in my first professional musical in Toronto and I'm being stretched creatively in ways I never imagined. Luckily, I am working with people I know well and people I trust so I feel much calmer knowing that. We have a ‘shorthand’ with each other and so we are able to go deeper in the work much faster and it's thrilling to be part of.

I feel very inspired and a little afraid (I won't lie)- but it's just the right amount of fear-the kind of fear that'll make me grow in important ways I think, as an actor and as a person. There's a saying that comes to mind- people are like teabags, you don't know what they're made of until you put them in hot water 🙂   KP

Check our feature interview with Krystin Pellerin “A Lot of Stuff” plus her “Insights IN 10”

SABS additional 411

If you’re in the Toronto area you can catch Krystin on stage in

THE FANTASTICKS - February 8 to March 24

THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE - March 16 to April 16  

OUR TOWN - April 7 to May 13  

For more information on the Soulpepper Theatre Company visit

And don’t miss Krystin Pellerin every Wednesday on Republic of Doyle

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