The Pellerin Post: A Time & A Pace

Post: January 26/11

As we post Krystin Pellerin NL is one busy lady - in midst of rehearsals and pre-production whatnot for 3 dynamically wonderful shows with the Soulpepper Theatre Company in Toronto.  And with Season 2 of her hit TV series Republic of Doyle off to a great start with critics and fans – there’s no slowing her down.

Krystin Pellerin - in wardrobe fittingWhile the Sea and be Scene team settles in front of the TV for tonight’s installment of "Jake Doyle loves Leslie Bennett"(we’re most keen on that part of the story, but of course there’s more too it) Krystin will be faced with more rehearsals, wardrobe fittings and pre-opening interviews, but we’re confident she’ll PVR ROD.

At any rate, it all got us thinking about the pace for Ms. Pellerin.  The fast and furious live theatre world versus the set and reset world of waiting often experienced when working in TV and films – so for this post we asked her to answer “Which one do you prefer?” SABS


The Pellerin Post: A Time and a Pace

January 26, 2011

I love working in both (live theatre and TV). I like experiencing how the two mediums compliment and inform each other. I'd love to maintain this balance of being split down the middle. I am in a very good place creatively right now. This transition back into a rehearsal schedule is tricky. It's like I've been thrown into a marathon suddenly. I feel like I am in the process of re-training every mental, physical and emotional muscle I have in order to be fully present.

In television my memory has been so used to adapting to new scripts last minute, improvising and throwing away scenes as soon as we've finished filming. Now sitting down to memorize and enter into three different plays requires a whole other kind of rigor and focus.

A few days ago we did a run of Act 2 of the Fantasticks and I surprised at how drained I was physically. It's a full on 2 hours of singing, dancing, and acting. It was a real wake up call. I realized how vital it is to take good care of myself, to sleep, eat very well and exercise for the next 6 months. The basics of living are really and truly the key to staying on top of it all and being able to enjoy this incredible opportunity. KP

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If you’re in the Toronto area you can catch Krystin on stage in

THE FANTASTICKS - February 8 to March 24

THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE - March 16 to April 16  

OUR TOWN - April 7 to May 13  

For more information on the Soulpepper Theatre Company visit

And don’t miss Krystin Pellerin every Wednesday on Republic of Doyle

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